The Story of MyHub

The Early Days

By Steve Hockey, MyHub’s CEO and Co-Founder

Today, MyHub is regarded as a world leader in hosted intranet solutions, but did you know our roots go back as far as 2002? I know, virtually unheard of in the software world!

Back then, the company was then known as KIT (Keep In Touch) – a simple, hosted document library that could be accessed remotely. It was revolutionary at the time!

The next 10 years or so saw this business establish itself amongst a devoutly loyal customer base.

It was a time of immense change: technology, mobility and customer needs were moving at speed.

In 2014, me – a self-confessed customer service obsessive – and Mike McMinn – with a background as a senior manager in both software development and digital marketing – became the new owners. MyHub was born. And with it, a revolution in hosted intranet software.

Along with the rebrand, we embarked on a major overhaul of the product. We migrated to a new platform, unleashed a powerful set of new modules and tools, and now offered a fully cloud-hosted solution.

That’s me! Steve Hockey, CEO
& Co-Founder of MyHub

Colleagues First. Then Co-Founders

Mike (from the UK) and I (from New Zealand) had previously enjoyed working together on a number of ground-breaking technology projects, in Europe.

For example, we were at the helm of one of the largest global deployments of a parcel delivery track and trace system, and managed highly complex IT projects for the world’s largest telcos.

During these crazy, exciting times, we experienced first-hand the universal challenge companies face with internal communications. The consequential risks as a result of lack of information, poor collaboration, and siloed knowledge were immense.

We could see the critical role technology plays to improve team communication in today’s fast-paced, digital environment. Regardless of role, company size, or sector, the problem of poor internal communications and knowledge management was rife.

That was our ‘a-ha’ moment.

Mike McMinn, Chief Marketing
& Product Officer, Co-Founder

MyHub’s Hosted Intranet: The Alternative To Over-complex, Over-priced Intranets

While the big companies were attempting to solve these universal challenges (with the help of equally big – and expensive – software vendors), we set out to help those customers who didn’t have the deep pockets, the IT skills, or the resources for a solution.

The little guy if you like. After all, these typically smaller organizations faced identical problems as their enterprise counterparts.

So our purpose became simple: to create the easiest-to-use, friendliest and non-techy hosted intranet solution that people would love to use!

Our goal has been to give smaller businesses – who lacked the high-end tools and resources of their larger competitors – access to technology that empowered them and helped them grow.

We knew our intranet solution had to be super-affordable (with no bill shock) and that 5-star customer service was key. After all, most of our customers do not have IT-backgrounds.

This simple formula has worked brilliantly: and it’s why we’re proud to say that our very first customers remain with us to this day!

“Spotting the gap for smaller businesses who face the same challenges as the big guys was our ‘a-ha!’ moment.”

Ready to test-drive the best intranet solution in the world?

Keeping It Real

For me personally, I get a real buzz when customers tell me MyHub has been transformational to their business; that our hosted intranet software has noticeably improved efficiencies, business performance and employee engagement. And that clients actually love the process of creating new content for their site.

Customer feedback will always remain a top priority at MyHub. It’s why you’ll often find either Mike or me working directly with customers. We stay close so that your outcomes are met. We love being hands-on! We firmly believe your unfiltered feedback is critical for the ongoing evolution of our software.

Today, we have our MyHub teams – such as development, operations, customer success, sales and marketing – all across the globe. As are our customers. We encourage modern working practices, such as remote working and work-life balance.

“Customer feedback will always remain a top priority at MyHub. It’s why you’ll often find either Mike or me on customer calls.”

“Today, we have our MyHub teams, including development, operations, customer success, sales and marketing, all across the globe.”

Create. Share. Engage.

Going forward, the best is yet to come. The need for employees to create, share and engage is far better recognized now than even just a few years ago. Those organizations that invest in intranet technology are justifiably rewarded: improved staff retention; increased efficiencies; and enhanced business performance.

MyHub has the right experience, the right product, and the best people to empower your organization and achieve your goals.

“Those organizations that invest in intranet technology are justifiably rewarded.”

Core Values: The DNA Of MyHub

These are the standards that guide our thinking, determine our behavior, and allow us to adapt to our clients’ needs.

A few useful facts about MyHub:

  • Established 2002
  • Clients in 30 + countries
  • Deployed in every industry sector
  • On average, 30 new product releases p.a.

What’s Next?

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