MyHub Intranet Solutions

Developing an Intranet Site Map or Plan

Developing a site map or plan is a useful way of defining the structure and layout of the pages you want to display on your site. When using a site map to plan your site it can be as simple or as complex as you need to be. In fact, some of the most useful site maps are those that are done quickly and without a lot of deliberation.

Your MyHub site will come preconfigured with pages including: Home, News, Forum, Staff Directory, Document Exchange and Calendar. In addition to these pages you should consider creating additional pages including department and team pages.

The steps below should help you build a simple and effective intranet site:

  1. Grab a piece of paper and pencil or you could use PowerPoint or Word to create a simple company organization chart
  2. Draw or create a box near the top and label it “home page”
  3. Next to the home page box create a box for every parent page or section of your intranet
  4. Then under each parent page, add boxes for additional child pages you would like in that section until you have every page you want on your intranet listed

An example structure of parent and child pages is pictured below: