Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to MyHub’s Q & A page about the
exciting changes we’ve made to your intranet.
Find out what’s in store for this upgrade.

1. When will the new features be released?

The new features are being rolled out between the 23rd March and 1st April, 2020.

2. What do I need to do?

Nothing. We will transition your current site into the new version. All your existing content and modules will remain intact, and your site will continue to operate without you having to make any changes.

3. What will my MyHub site look like once the new features are released?

On day one you’ll notice minimal changes. For example, your admin tools will move to the left side. Your user profile and logout options will have a more modern look and feel.

If you have a significant number of parent pages you’ll notice a new “show more pages” option if the pages go beyond two lines.
Over time, you’ll explore and implement the new features, all of which have been designed to be super-intuitive.




4. Can I hide the Chat and Activity Wall features?

By default the new Chat feature will only be visible to site administrators, this will give you a chance to explore this great feature before you open it up to other users. You can disable this feature or open it up to all users under the Admin > Site Security & Settings area of your site. 

The activity wall is an existing feature that we’ve enhanced, it will be visible to all users however you can disable this feature under the Admin > Site Security & Settings area of your site.

5. Is there a training video or help guide for the Chat feature?

Yes, we’ve added a comprehensive training video that can be accessed within the Chat feature. Simply click on the help icon (?) to view it.

6. What if I need some help?

As a starting point, we recommend you watch our short and helpful videos covering all the new features. You can view them at our Knowledge Base (where you’ll see our recommended top 5 videos). Or you can email us, book a training call or request assistance via the Help area of your site.

7. Will you be running webinars?

Yes. In the coming weeks, we’ll run a series of webinars covering topics such as the new chat (instant messaging) feature; designing with rows and backgrounds; using templates and so much more. We’ll be in touch with the dates and times of these webinars.