Five Reasons Why An Intranet Should Be On Your Christmas Wish List

What items are on the wish list for your business this year? Is it increased productivity, streamlined and more efficient processes, or perhaps it’s enhanced employee engagement and improved internal communications? The chances are most business owners will have these items on their wish list. But it’s one thing having them as a goal and it’s another thing entirely actually ticking off those items. So what would you give for a technological solution that doesn’t just satisfy one of those needs, it can simultaneously satisfy all of them and it won’t break the bank. In this post, we present five reasons why an intranet should be top of your wish list this Christmas.

1. An Intranet Will Increase Productivity

improve productivityEvery business wants to get the most out of employees and an intranet has an important contribution to make. In one platform accessed with just a single login are all the tools, data and information that staff need to get the job done. Whether it’s completing an online form to order stationery, sourcing a product manual, checking the date of the next sales conference or collaborating with other staff on a safety and health at work policy, the intranet is the platform for achieving all of those tasks and a whole lot more. As a business, there’s no need for multiple apps, databases or software to achieve different tasks – it’s all there in the intranet. Not only is this a great time saver for staff as there’s no need to switch between apps, it’s also a great cost saver as the organization doesn’t have to invest in multiple solutions.

What’s more, the 24/7 cloud nature of the intranet enables greater flexibility within the workplace. And so staff can continue to be productive even if they are out of state on the road visiting clients, attending an industry conference overseas or working from home while waiting for a service technician to attend a repair.

2. An Intranet Will Improve Internal Communications

company blog

For most businesses, improving internal communications is a perennial item on the Christmas wish list. It doesn’t matter what you do, there always seems to be room for improvement. An intranet certainly has much to offer here as well. With company and team news pages, all staff can be kept up to date with all the latest news from across the company and the wider industry. There’s no need for those dull and lifeless all-staff emails that no one actually reads. Instead, news and updates are much more engaging and can be presented in a variety of media including video, podcasts and infographics. Give staff members the ability to comment on news items and you’re also opening up a two-way conversation.

What’s more, many companies have introduced a CEO blog on their intranets. This is a great way to communicate directly with staff members on a variety of topics. It’s also the perfect vehicle for employees to put forward their ideas and insights on how operations could be improved. Not only will the CEO come across as being more open and accessible, staff members will also appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback and contribute their ideas. So as well as contributing to improved internal communications, you’ll also be enhancing employee engagement – but more on that later.

3. An Intranet Will Automate Business Processes

business processesIn today’s technology dominated workplace, it’s amazing how many companies still rely on paper and email business processes. The potential for errors – with information going missing, emails left unread or documents misfiled – is enormous. And there’s also the amount of staff time that’s involved in completing forms and sending information backwards and forwards across the business. An intranet offers the potential for your company to automate and streamline business processes. The intranet comes with its own easy to use and fully customizable forms builder. Alternatively, you can utilize an embedded Google Form or MS Office Form. The result though is the same – a simple online process that automatically routes the form to the correct member of staff for action. It’s very easy but will have a big impact on productivity as staff can complete straightforward tasks like booking annual leave, reserving a visitor car park or ordering supplies from an external supplier in a fraction of the time and with just a few clicks of the mouse. Automated business processes are also more reliable and eliminate the possibility for information going astray.

4. An Intranet Will Enhance Employee Engagement

The same consistent messages are coming out from all the latest research: engaged employees are happier and more content at work and, therefore, are more productive and less likely to take time off. And so it follows that employee engagement should be a top priority for every business. Sometimes though employee engagement can feel like a nebulous concept that’s hard to pin down. What concrete actions can your company take to really improve employee engagement at the grass roots level? Well, the intranet is the perfect starting point.

employee engagementOne important aspect to enhancing employee engagement is ensuring staff members feel valued and appreciated for the effort they put in. Instigating an employee recognition scheme is one way that you can formally recognize staff as an organization and thank them for all their hard work. Have a special employee or team of the month page on the intranet or use the intranet’s news pages to highlight a department or individual that have gone the extra mile. And while you’re at it, why not recognize the achievements of staff members outside work too? Use the company or team pages to highlight employees that have completed a marathon or have studied towards a degree in their spare time.

In addition, use the quizzes, surveys and polls feature on the intranet to engage with staff on a variety of issues. It could be to request feedback on a new company branding, an employee wellness policy or even to select the venue for the office Christmas party. Quizzes and surveys are a very interactive way to gauge the opinions of staff and the intranet will automatically collate the results. Be sure though to feedback to staff members on the results via the news pages.

5. An Intranet Is Cost Effective And Easy To Set Up

cost effectiveNow, if the fact that you can satisfy all these important organizational issues in one platform isn’t compelling enough for you, then consider this: a cloud intranet is also a very cost-effective solution and it’s super easy to set up and manage on an ongoing basis. In fact, you don’t need any great technical ability or know-how. Using pre-built intranet templates and an intuitive five-step site builder process, your fully customized intranet can be up and running in just a few hours. So if technology isn’t really your thing, then a cloud intranet is a perfect match. What’s more, the same intuitive administration tools mean that ongoing management is equally straightforward. Editing content, adding pages and modules as well as managing single or multiple users is super easy to accomplish.

In addition, all these great features and tools are available at a very competitive, cost-effective price. And when budgets are under pressure as they are in most businesses, having that all important cost certainty with a fixed monthly fee is very important. What’s more, unlimited numbers of users and data storage mean that your intranet is capable of growing and changing alongside your business.

Gift An Intranet To Your Business This Christmas

As a small business owner life is demanding enough so why not make things easier for yourself as well this Christmas? Gift an intranet to your business and not only will you be simultaneously ticking off all the items on your wish list, you’ll also be making it easier for you to manage your business.

Interested in finding out more? Then take advantage of our free demo or no-obligation 14-day trial. Get in touch with us here at MyHub and see all your Christmas wishes for the business come true.

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