How to Set up an Intranet

We’ve helped thousands of businesses go live with a new employee intranet, the easy way. So whether you’re starting from scratch or about to shortlist your intranet vendors, below are some common questions you’re likely to have.

Setting up an Intranet Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, We Can Help.

1. Where to Begin?

Firstly, map out a list of successful outcomes you want your new intranet site to achieve. Learn more about common objectives.

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Common objectives include: improve team communication; increase staff engagement; manage organizational knowledge and more. Do this with the help of a small internal team. It’s important these team members are representatives from across the business, as this helps scope out the project in detail while securing wide-ranging support and buy-in.

3. Do I Need It Skills to Launch an Intranet?

Thankfully, the days of needing a technical intranet developer with advanced coding skills are gone. Find out why.

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There’s now a wide range of cloud-based, user-friendly intranets that require zero IT skills for deployment. Even the most non-tech savvy employee can create and upload intranet content in minutes. Drag ‘n’ drop content wherever you want makes the starting point for creating an intranet hassle-free.

5. Can I Integrate with Other Apps?

Third-party integration with other business applications is now a standard requirement when choosing intranet software.

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Third-party business applications – including GSuite, Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce – are now integrated with intranet platforms as a standard requirement. For most intranet buyers, these everyday apps are essential to the running of their business. With MyHub, this is a simple process that’s completed at set-up stage.

2. Which Software Features Are Important?

With your team, make a list of intranet features that will meet your original objectives. We provide some helpful examples.

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For example, if improving team communication is a priority, then make sure your intranet vendor has social features such as instant messaging, forums and blogs. Another popular request – and time-saving feature – is pre-built templates (where example pages have already been designed for you, ready to be customized). Most intranet buyers also ask for newsfeed, calendars, forms, file storage, and staff directories as must-have features and modules.

4. How Do I Organize My Content?

A well-planned intranet can make a world of difference to its uptake. Learn why intranet structure is so important.

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If the structure and navigation of your site are confusing, employees won’t engage. A simple rule of thumb is to arrange content by (a) company information – such as news, announcements, culture-building content; (b) departmental information; and (c) group, project or location-based content. We’d love to discuss this in more depth during a demo.

6. Anything Else to Consider?

Think about how quickly you want to launch. Avoid heavy-going enterprise platforms that can take months to build out. 

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Beyond your deployment deadline, it’s also important to plan for the future. Choose an intranet that’s easy and inexpensive to scale up (or down) – in both number of users and amount of storage – and that is accessible for all desk-based, mobile and remote workers.

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