7 Surprising Facts About Improved Internal Communications

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Internal Communications

Your business’s success hinges on your employees. You can have the best ideas in the industry, the cheapest products, and the most advanced service offerings, but if your employees aren’t on board and committed, your business isn’t going to see the success you’re hoping for. If your employees simply aren’t performing at the level you’d like, there’s a simple solution: improving your internal communications by developing an intranet that will permit your employees to easily engage with one another. Building an effective intranet can even have unanticipated advantages – several of which will enhance your business more than you dreamed.

internal-communications-profitsThe More Effective Your Internal Communication Strategy, the Higher Your Profits

Effective internal communication can raise your shareholder returns up to 47%. According to the linked source, even a single employee who feels more engaged and committed to the company as a result of an internal communications shift can add $13,000. When you communicate with your employees, they develop a better understanding of the business as a whole and of their place within it. They learn how to contribute effectively to the bottom line, how to work better with co-workers, and how they can increase their workplace efforts for the company as a whole.

Your Intranet Needs to Add Value to Your Employees’ Day

Enplug suggests that as many as 31% of employees never use their company’s intranet–and only around 13% actually use it daily. In order to build an effective intranet, you need to know that you’re providing real value to your employees. Before you begin the building process, take the time to sit down and talk with your employees about their needs and about communication strategies that would actually be advantageous to them. If you want to see the benefits of internal communication, people have to actually be using it!

Focus On Your Employees for the Best Results

employee-valueThe best way to improve employee engagement through internal communications is to focus on the people actually doing the work! Elliot Volkman recommends “humanizing” your internal communications to truly take advantage of all of those communications that go out throughout the course of the day. Instead of discussing long-term initiatives and company objectives–most of which may have little meaning to the people who are performing basic job tasks each day–try bringing up the things that are relevant to your employees in the moment. Look at current jobs, discuss company programs, and take an occasional look at little-known benefits of working for your company. Highlight employees who are doing an exceptional job or projects that are making a difference in the community. Information that appeals to your employees makes them feel more connected as well as increasing their sense of their importance to the business.

Employees Crave Recognition

It can be as simple as publicly recognizing big accomplishments or remembering your employees’ birthdays, but when you make the effort to focus on your employees through your internal communications, you make them feel important, valued, and part of the company culture. Valued employees are more likely to work harder for their companies. They put forth the extra effort, go the extra mile, and don’t just slump down at their desks and call it quits for the day the moment they’ve finished the bare minimum amount of work that’s considered acceptable.

build-internal-creativityAn Effective Intranet Can Build Internal Creativity

The best bursts of creativity often happen collaboratively, when several different people–often people from different departments come together to piece together an idea. An effective intranet can give your employees the ability to do exactly that, all without moving away from their computer screens. Keeping to computerized communication has the added benefit of allowing your employees to work on those creative projects as it’s convenient throughout the day or as new ideas occur. Creative collaboration shows off internal communication at its best.

Your Intranet Is Not One Size Fits All

One of the key trends in internal communication in 2015 is individualization. Your business and its communication strategies are unique. You don’t need the exact same template that works for your competitors; you need one that is designed specifically for your business. Survey your workers, discuss communications needs with every department in your business, and develop your intranet based on those unique needs. If possible, open the floor for employee ideas and contributions: you never know when an employee will have an idea that you’ve never thought of. They’re the ones actually using the system throughout the day, so in many cases, they’ve already come up with things that simply haven’t occurred to managers and other higher-ups within the company.

Internal Communications Evolution is Key

internal-communications-evolve-adaptCurrent trends in technology are changing fast. Your intranet needs to be designed to withstand those changing trends. For example, is the intranet accessible outside the office or through mobile devices? You might discover that allowing employee access when they’re on the go is the ideal solution for your business. Most employees use smart phones every day, and enabling them to use them as part of your internal communications strategy means that you’re connected wherever you go.

Internal communications are vital to a number of different facets of your workplace. They improve employee engagement, give employees the tools they need to reach higher levels of success, and prepare your business for greater financial success than ever before. When you build an effective intranet that covers all the bases, tailored specifically to the unique needs of your company, you can experience all of these benefits and more. Your goal? To focus on your employees. You want to build them up, make them feel recognized and important to the company, and let them know just how much their contributions matter and a properly-designed intranet can allow you to do all of that in one easy step.

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