Avoid The Chaos – Introduce Employee Intranet Forum Terms of Use

One of the important issues with having an internal intranet forum is making sure that users have clear guidelines around its terms of use. To help you through this we provided an example Forum terms use document you are free to use below:

 Intranet Forum Terms of Use

  • Participation in the Company Intranet Forum constitutes agreement to the following User Guidelines, which apply to posts, profile information, any other content on the Forum and participation in general. Failure to follow the User Guidelines may result in the User being denied access to the Forum.
  • Because of the live nature of the discussions on the Forum, it is not possible for the Site Administrator to review a message before it is posted. If you believe that someone has violated the User Guidelines or you have spotted content that may otherwise require attention, please send a private email to the Site Administrator with a link to the content and a brief description of what you believe to be wrong. In no case should a user respond to a situation personally, thereby risking aggravating the situation.
  • Advertisements are not allowed. Generally speaking, posts made specifically for the promotion of a website, product or service will be considered as advertising. This will include posts made that unnecessarily send people to a website that you are in some way affiliated with. It does not matter whether it is a commercial website, a personal website or a non-profit website.
  • Do not post personal, real-life information such as home addresses and home phone numbers.
  • Vulgar language and inappropriate material is not allowed and will be removed.
  • When linking to outside websites, you must ensure that the content of the link is appropriate.
  • Posts that discuss illegal activities and transactions, or those which raise political or religious topics are not allowed on the Forum.
  • Do not post copyrighted materials (articles, videos, audio, etc.) that you do not have permission to reproduce or distribute.
  • You must respect your fellow users. You must not post inflammatory or defamatory comments. Do not just oppose opinions or advice given by others. If you don’t agree with it, say why – respectfully. Do not make uninvited remarks about typos, duplicate posts, posting styles, etc.
  • The Site Administrator will have the final say on anything posted on the Forum. Creating threads or posts that question or reference administrative decisions or potential administrative decisions, such as post removals and thread closures, is not permitted.

We also made this document available as a Word file for download – Intranet Forum Terms of Use.docx

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