Intranet Design Services

Choose from the self-build option with our support or work with one of our designers who will create a customized, fully-functioning intranet for your business, in 40 days or less, guaranteed!

The Challenge: Lack Of Time

You’ve defined your requirements and you know MyHub can deliver the outcomes you’re looking for. But do you lack the time and resources to customize your MyHub intranet site and get it launched on time?

The Solution: We Do It For You

By engaging with one of our designers, we’ll remove all of the complexity and risk by doing it all for you.

Planning For Success

Your MyHub intranet designer will lead the engagement process and ensure you’re updated on progress. The process is broken down into three key stages including:

Scope & Commercials

  • Gathering requirements
  • Defining launch objectives and timelines
  • Developing a site plan including key pages, modules and content
  • Agreeing the scope of works, pricing and terms.

Site Design

  • Adding a company logo and changing site color options
  • Designing and adding pages
  • Adding content to pages including images, news articles, text, video and forms
  • Adding folders and files to the Document Exchange
  • Adding users to the site, Role Groups and Roles


  • Handover and training
  • Post-launch support
  • Free site audit at any time

MyHub Designers, Delivering Great Outcomes

Idaho Lottery

Setting up an intranet was a bit of a daunting prospect plus I lacked the time. MyHub’s design service worked really well for us. We shared our branding requirements and supplied content, images and graphics and MyHub did the rest.

The design service was a real time saver and was great to get us up and running quickly.

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