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Drive efficiency, communication and engagement

MyHub’s easy to use intranet software comes packed with powerful features all for a low fixed cost of $99 USD a month, plus you’ll have a dedicated expert to help you get your site up and running

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Drive efficiency, communication and engagement

MyHub’s easy to use intranet software comes packed with powerful features all for a low fixed cost of $99 USD a month, plus you’ll have a dedicated expert to help you get your site up and running

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Things We Know You'll Love

Free One-To-One Training And Advice

You’ll be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will work with you throughout your intranet project to provide free expert advice including tips, tricks and design ideas to ensure a successful outcome

Industry Leading Customer Support

We believe you shouldn’t have to pay for support, that’s why we provide free support to all of our clients even during the trial period so you can access expert help whenever you need it

Cloud Based

Simple online registration, no need to download and manage software, no need for IT support

Simple Setup

Get your site up and running in minutes using the simple Site Builder, no IT experience needed

Simple User Management

Simply add and manage users access, assign rights to allow users to create and edit content

Site Permissions

Set user permission rights by job roles and teams to limit access to the site, individual pages, modules, content and files

Customize the Look and Feel

Add pages, your logo and add colors, choose from a wide range of modules including banners, forums, blogs, calendars, file storage and more


A powerful site-wide search tool that returns results from pages, modules and files stored in the Document Exchange including text within documents

Forms And Workflow

Easily create simple forms or more powerful workflow approvals including IT tickets, leave requests, onboarding and offboarding processes

Go Mobile

Access your full intranet from mobile devices

Apparently We're Awesome!

Easy, powerful, customizable, exactly what we need!

"This has been the easiest product I've ever used! It's powerful and intuitive. And the service we've received has really been stellar. We've been able to build 88 pages of internet content in about a month with little to no support. Modular product, very clean and straight-forward. Different usage models, very easy to customize and edit. Lots of different types of modules, forms, images, videos, features, news, etc. Adaptable to any company, our site looks like us (vs looking like MyHub or another product), layout is very appealing and the result is a beautiful, customized reflection of our company."

Brittany Ceres, Director, HR, Skywalker Properties - Marin County, California

Great Intranet product - easy to use, powerful in features!

"My experience with MyHub has been tremendous. From the start of my free trial to the incredible support after I signed on, the experience has been top notch. This software is easy enough for the beginner, but powerful enough to really do some amazing things. I use it as a value add for my clients and a place where they can all easily access the appropriate information in a simple and visual way. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a hub for all their company's documents, files, interact and control user permissions. It's very easy to use - I've already seen powerful updates - but very graphically based for the non-techy user. The ability to control permission for the users is also amazing. You can even control specific permission for widgets within a page if you needed to. Also, users can manage their own accounts so no more chasing lost passwords."

Lee Adkins, Founder, Amplified Solutions - Atlanta, Georgia

Exactly What My Company Needed

"Our marketing team needed a place to upload updates and files and share them with our distributors and fellow salesfolk. MyHub was a perfect solution. It even eliminated our need to build a dealer portal! MyHub is AMAZING value, has great customer service and easy to use."

Alanna Honigman, Global Marketing Manager, SportsArt - Woodinville, Washington

Great site and even better support!

"I was a little apprehensive about using this software as we have very limited experience. However, it did everything and more that we were hoping for. In addition, the support that we received was second to none. The cost was extremely reasonable and everything more than surpassed our expectation. We had a couple of one to one's over the phone to get some support to get us started. I soon picked it up and the results really have been impressive. We have had nothing but positive feedback about the site we built using the software. If a lawyer can get to grips with it then anyone can! I'd really like to find something negative to say to balance things out but I genuinely have nothing but praise for the software and the individuals we dealt with."

Roger Davies , Managing Director, P4b Law Limited - Treforest, Wales

Our experience with MyHub has been great.

"I have been impressed with the support we’ve received in getting our intranet site to its ‘go live’ position with any questions being promptly answered. The site has great functionality and is very simple to manage in-house. MyHub is going to be a very useful tool for our franchisees going forward and I am excited to continue to explore and learn all the features of this tool and use it to its full potential."

Emma Musson, Marketing & Brand Coordinator, Guthrie Bowron - Newmarket, Auckland, NZ

david reid homes intranet
MyHub has revolutionized the intranet process.

"MyHub has revolutionized the intranet process with a well-designed, intuitive and easily customizable template system. Our new site looks great and, more importantly, allows us to effectively communicate with our team."

Jessie Macaw, Marketing Manager, David Reid Homes Ltd - Lower Hutt, Wellington, NZ

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