Product Update August 2018

We’ve been busy working on a number of enhancements since our last update, here’s a summary of what’s new….

News Module – Newsletter Update


If you haven’t used the newsletter option in the News Blog module you should check it out as it’s a very quick way to consolidate all your recent posts into an email newsletter. You can now customize the newsletter including adding a subject title and message to the email, your site logo will automatically be added to your newsletter too.

Module Borders and Headings


You now have the option to display a module border or title. Removing the border whilst displaying the title will make the page look cleaner and less cluttered. Don’t forget you can also remove the module header color under the Site Builder area.

Site Email Logs


We’ve added a new report in the Site Admin area, you can now track all outgoing emails from your site, we’ve also added a search option so you can search by receiving email address or subject title.

Additional Site Settings Options


We’ve added some new options to the Site Settings including:

  • Setting the minimum password length
  • Making it mandatory for users to add non-alphanumeric or special characters to their passwords
  • Removing the option that allows users to edit their profile



We’ll be running a series of webinars to provide in-depth training on a range of modules and topics. In the first 30 minute session, we’ll be looking at the Forms Builder module. The session will include the benefits of automating forms, design and setup, email actions and approvals, we’ll also take a look at some common examples of forms. Click on the button below to register for the next webinar.


Feel free to contact us should you have any questions or require any help with your MyHub site.

Yours sincerely

The MyHub Team

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