Communicating Across Multiple Office Locations

RWR Group is a global recruitment agency specializing in retail jobs from entry level right the way up to CEO level. With 17 office locations throughout Australia, New Zealand, the Maldives and Fiji, promoting a cohesive company culture and keeping open the lines of communication across multiple offices is very important to the group.

In fact, RWR Group identified communication as being the key business need that drove them to MyHub’s intranet solution. ‘We also wanted to move away from the shared hard drive as a way to communicate and share information,’ says Marija Salic, RWR’s Group Marketing Coordinator. In common with other companies, RWR Group had found that the shared drive had just become too big and was no longer fit for purpose.

Both Marija and Jessica Fisher, Group Operations, were surprised at just how effective the MyHub intranet has been in addressing a whole range of business needs. ‘It’s a one stop shop,’ explains Jessica. ‘We thought it would mainly address the communication need, but it has centralized all our business processes in one location’, continues Jessica.rwr intranet pages ‘We use it as a central library of information with all our how to guides, policies and processes as well as HR forms,’ explains Marija. RWR Group has consequently seen a reduction in the amount of email and paperwork within the office as a result of automating their processes on the intranet. Staff are able to source the data they are after directly from the intranet themselves.

The Group’s fortnightly newsletter is now also compiled and published on the intranet. Marija reported that previously producing the newsletter was ‘a tedious process’, however, the MyHub intranet has made that process much easier as well as giving a whole new look and fresh appeal to the newsletter itself.

Marija and Jessica were initially somewhat nervous of the whole idea of creating an intranet. ‘MyHub makes it really easy’ says Jessica. ‘Every step was intuitive and there was a lot of help along the way. MyHub has been great with the ongoing support too. As well as being very responsive, they usually come up with more than one solution to any issue.’

‘The support is amazing,’ agrees Marija, ‘the whole process has been really simple and the intranet is now central to our business.’

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