Legal Intranet Platform Stands The Test Of Time

Based in Australia, Turnbull Hill Lawyers have been long-time users of the MyHub intranet platform.

‘We did a lot of research before choosing MyHub,’ advises Melissa Burrows, HR/Operations Projects Officer/Paralegal. ‘The other products on the market were extremely expensive and we felt that the MyHub platform offered the tools and features we were after as well as being very affordable.’

Turnbull Hill Lawyers already had an intranet in place, but it required coding to build and so was less than user friendly as well as being difficult to manage.

‘The MyHub intranet is a much more versatile platform that’s easier to manage as well,’ reports Melissa.

The firm uses the platform to make company announcements and run news blogs. In addition, as with most law firms, knowledge management is a key consideration for Turnbull Hill. The MyHub intranet acts as a central knowledge management portal for staff looking to source information or data as well as internal policies and procedures.

‘All of our policies and training materials are held on the intranet as well as practices and procedures for easy reference,’ advises Melissa.

Over the three years that Turnbull Hill has been using the MyHub intranet they have seen a lot of changes and enhancements.

According to Melissa, it’s easy to keep up to date with improvements. ‘I watch the video releases and if I need assistance I just book a support call.’

‘The improved search function has been really good for us. Finding information is super easy and fast for staff members.’

‘And we’ve also made use of the intranet’s forms builder. I have built three forms now and it has definitely made it easier to manage things like submissions for repayment of expenses as well as travel expenses. We’ve got a much more streamlined process in place now and have better oversight of where things are at in the system.’

For Turnbull Hill, the MyHub intranet has stood the test of time and has proved to be a versatile and flexible platform that’s capable of changing alongside business needs. What’s more, the platform itself is regularly innovating and improving.

‘We’re very happy with the MyHub intranet,’ concludes Melissa. ‘It’s really easy to use and manage and we’ve found that it’s made a big difference to our business.’

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