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Shadow IT: A Threat Or An Opportunity For Organizations?

The term shadow IT, almost by definition, has negative connotations. It conjures up images of clandestine downloading or secretive arrangements. But is it really all bad? In this article, we look at some of the pros and cons of shadow IT, particularly in relation to...

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Cloud-based Intranet: Getting The Executive Team On Board

Looking at cloud-based intranet systems, there’s a whole lot to love about them. They’re cheaper than a great many traditional solutions, they’re incredibly convenient… and by their very nature, there’s a whole lot less hardware to worry about maintaining. The problem...

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Intranet Demos And Why They Are Essential

Introducing a company intranet is an important business decision, representing an investment of both time and resources. Some companies, however, are failing to undertake due diligence and are not always ensuring they have a demonstration before making a final choice...

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Office Intranet: How To Add Value To Small Businesses

The world of office intranets is now more accessible than ever to small businesses. Google ‘intranet’ and you’ll find there is a wide range of providers as well as easily downloadable software for a do-it-yourself-type option. Indeed, the sheer volume of choice can be...

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Intranet Security: How Secure Is Your Company Intranet?

The issue of intranet security is usually met with stifled yawns or glazed eyes when it’s mentioned in the office. Often there’s an assumption that because it’s an internal network, the intranet site is somehow magically secure from viruses and hacking. But the issue...

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Intranet Hosting: What Are The Options?

Making the decision to go ahead with a company intranet is one of the best business decisions that your organization can make. The next important decision to consider is intranet hosting and which option is the most appropriate for you. In this article, we look at the...

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