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5 Great Ways An Intranet Solution Can Help Your Business

Let’s face it, nowadays there’s an app for pretty much every business function you can think of. Whether it’s cloud computing, collaboration, communication and messaging apps, customer relationship management software or project management tools, there’s a SaaS...

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Office Management Software: Every Company Needs It

The office manager is an essential part of every office set-up. It might be George or Georgina, Julian or Julie, either way, they are the go-to person in the office for pretty much everything. From ordering stationery, booking a car park space or locating an important...

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Engaging Generation X: The Forgotten Generation

Squeezed between old school Baby Boomers and tech-savvy Millennials, Generation X is an oft-forgotten generation. Nowhere is this truer than in the workplace, where Generation X struggles to stay engaged in an era of heated political debate, rapidly changing...

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