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Internal Branding: 3 Ways To Develop Internal Brand Advocates

Worldwide, many millions of dollars are spent by businesses annually on developing a public-facing brand and marketing messages based on that brand identity. Very few companies, however, pay as much attention to their internal branding and getting employees on board...

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How To Streamline Your Marketing Department With An Intranet

As marketing department budgets become tighter, companies are looking for new ways to increase their return on investment, as well as spend less capital than the following year. Leveraging the company’s marketing intranet portal allows for office processes to be...

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Wholesalers & Distributors Intranet: Communication Made Easy

For wholesalers and distributors communication is at the heart of their business. With multiple channels, high levels of competition and indirect sales involving dealers or resellers, keeping retailers engaged and motivated to sell your product over a competitor’s is...

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