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Can Workplace Technology Really Help Us To Collaborate More?

Workplace technology has undoubtedly transformed the way we work. When the first desktop computers were introduced in the 1970s, they were the size of modern-day TVs. Fast forward 50 years, and we are carrying around in our pockets sophisticated smartphone computers....

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Festive Fun With An Intranet

The countdown to the Christmas holiday season has begun! As soon as the Christmas tree goes up in the office, a relaxed atmosphere of yuletide merriment takes over as everyone gets in the holiday spirit. However, the Christmas season is also the perfect time to get...

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Office Management Software: Every Company Needs It

The office manager is an essential part of every office set-up. It might be George or Georgina, Julian or Julie, either way, they are the go-to person in the office for pretty much everything. From ordering stationery, booking a car park space or locating an important...

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Ergonomics In The Workplace And Office Safety Tips

As a responsible employer, you will want to make your contribution to employee wellbeing. After all, it’s in your interests to have staff members enjoying optimal health and wellbeing for maximum productivity in the office. Furthermore, in this age of regulation and...

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