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Marketing Intranet: How To Get More For Your Marketing Buck

With increased pressure on marketing budgets, companies are looking for new ways to maximize their ROI. Leveraging a marketing intranet will help your organization to get more for its marketing buck. Streamlined business processes, better sharing of information,...

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Product Update Highlights And Seasons Greetings

Seasons greetings from the team at MyHub. We've been busy working on a number of enhancements since our last update, here's a summary of what's new.... Forms Builder - New Workflow Options You can now add workflows to your MyHub forms to allow multiple people to both...

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What Is Knowledge Management & How To Make It Easy

Nowadays there’s so much information, data and statistics in the workplace that organizing, managing and sharing it is a challenge for businesses. How do you make all that knowledge work for you? How do you make it accessible to staff? It’s true – what’s the point of...

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How To Streamline Your Marketing Department With An Intranet

As marketing department budgets become tighter, companies are looking for new ways to increase their return on investment, as well as spend less capital than the following year. Leveraging the company’s marketing intranet portal allows for office processes to be...

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Wholesalers & Distributors Intranet: Communication Made Easy

For wholesalers and distributors communication is at the heart of their business. With multiple channels, high levels of competition and indirect sales involving dealers or resellers, keeping retailers engaged and motivated to sell your product over a competitor’s is...

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