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Intranet Definition: What Is An Intranet?

Intranet, extranet or portal, which is the right platform for your company? Often the terminology is used interchangeably which makes it very confusing, especially if technology isn’t really your thing. In this post, we make the selection process simpler by unpicking...

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Employee Motivation: Do You Know What Makes Your Staff Tick?

In today’s competitive marketplace, any advantage you can muster over the competition is worth investigating, right? Employee motivation and knowing how to get the best out of your workforce is one of those areas that can yield quite significant gains and yet it’s a...

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Employee Self-Service Portals: More Than Just A HR Resource

Employee self-service portals are not a new idea. In fact, they’ve been used as an HR resource by many organizations for some time. These organizations have found that enabling employee self-service not only increases productivity, it also has knock-on effects in...

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Partner Portal: Increase Engagement With Your Partners

If your business is dependent on partners reselling or on selling your product, then you’ll understand what a challenge it can be to keep them engaged. You want them to be enthused about selling your product over other offerings in the marketplace and with a wide...

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