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What Is Employee Engagement? The Ultimate Definition!

What does employee engagement mean to you? Is it just another fad? Maybe you think of it as a nice-to-have initiative if you have the time and resources? Or is employee engagement, as it should be, an integral part of your business operations, leadership and...

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How To Get A Raise: Essential Do’s And Don’ts

Do you feel as though your contributions are being undervalued by your employer? Are your peers earning more money than you? Do you believe you’re not being paid as much as you deserve? If the answers to these questions are yes, then what’s the best way to broach the...

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Mindfulness In The Workplace: Practical Ways To Introduce It

It seems as though everyone is currently jumping on the mindfulness bandwagon: from Google through to Nike. But is it just another trendy fad or could there be something in it? If the notion of mindfulness conjures up an image of yoga mats, incense burning or mantra...

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