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Intranet Services: Do It Yourself Or Hire An Intranet Developer

When it comes to intranet services, what’s the best option? Should you do it yourself or hire an intranet developer? If you have been charged with delivering your organization’s intranet, then no doubt you have been grappling with this question. In this post, we will...

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Stop! Before You Dive Into Your Intranet Project Read This Post

You’ve googled ‘intranet’ and have found a couple of options that look promising. You watch the demo videos and it all seems so easy. Setting up an intranet can’t be that difficult you say to yourself and so you dive in head first, promising staff that the answer to...

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The Trouble With Meetings

The trouble with meetings is that they are a monumental waste of time. Come on, be honest with yourself. Deep down you know it, I know it, we all know that meetings are an unproductive use of everyone’s time. The only reason we continue with this great charade is...

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