Great Intranet product – easy to use, powerful in features!

“My experience with MyHub has been tremendous. From the start of my free trial to the incredible support after I signed on, the experience has been top notch. This software is easy enough for the beginner, but powerful enough to really do some amazing things. I use it as a value add for my clients and a place where they can all easily access the appropriate information in a simple and visual way. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a hub for all their company’s documents, files, interact and control user permissions.
It’s very easy to use – I’ve already seen powerful updates – but very graphically based for the non-techy user. The ability to control permission for the users is also amazing. You can even control specific permission for widgets within a page if you needed to. Also, users can manage their own accounts so no more chasing lost passwords.”

Lee Adkins, Founder, Amplified Solutions – Atlanta, Georgia