Company Intranets: 6 Ways To Measure If Yours Is Working For You

Jun 6, 2017 | 0 comments

A successful company intranet implementation doesn’t just stop on the launch day. No, all the best intranets have made mechanisms for ongoing monitoring and review integral to their success. How else can you keep track of how your company intranet is performing and whether or not it is still fit for purpose? And so if you are about to launch a company intranet – whether it be a WordPress intranet or a cloud-based intranet template – then this article is essential reading. Here we share six ways to help you ensure your company intranets continue to work for you long after the launch day.

1. Set Up A Company Intranet Steering Group

It’s a good idea to have some form of cross-departmental steering group that is responsible for all things relating to the intranet, including monitoring and reviewing performance. Representation from across the organization means that all teams, offices or departments have a voice and also have ownership of the company intranet. Make the chair of the group a senior manager or executive team member and this will give the group sufficient authority and the necessary means to get the job done. What’s more, assigning the responsibility for intranet performance to the steering group ensures that there is some organizational accountability.

2. Revisit The Original Aims And Objectives

The business environment in which every company operates is constantly changing and evolving. New markets, products or innovations can change the face of your operations and the way in which you conduct business. The aims and objectives you set for your company intranet may have been perfect for that particular point in time. However, eighteen months or five years down the track and it may be that the intranet isn’t the perfect fit that it once was. All the best company intranets regularly review their aims and objectives to make sure that they are still relevant and that the intranet continues to reach its full potential.

3. Obtain User Feedback

Ultimately it’s users that are in the best position to give you feedback as to the functionality and usefulness of the company intranet. They are after all the ones using it on a daily basis. You can engage with users in a variety of ways – from surveys on the company intranet to focus groups or stakeholder interviews for a more detailed analysis. Whatever option you select, the important thing is to regularly check with staff members that the company intranet is continuing to perform as it should. What’s more, users can also offer some great suggestions on improvements or innovations that might help your intranet to perform better. And while you’re undertaking all this consultation with staff members, you’ll also be ticking the increased employee engagement box which is a welcome bonus!

4. Review Your Company Intranet User Statistics

It’s important to have a handle on which staff members are regularly using the intranet and which are not. Take the time to regularly review intranet usage statistics as it can highlight any blockages that might need to be addressed. For instance, if your usage statistics are showing that the finance team is using the company intranet only 50% of the time, then clearly there’s an issue that needs to be addressed. Perhaps the finance department need to automate more of their business processes on the company intranet or maybe there’s a staff training issue at play.  Usage statistics are, therefore, a useful tool in obtaining a comprehensive picture of the intranet’s performance.

5. Undertake Regular Content Audits

An often overlooked but very important aspect of company intranet performance is checking that the content is up to date and relevant. You know yourself there’s nothing more irritating than accessing a website that clearly hasn’t been updated for several years. So it is with intranet users. If the content remains static or worse still is hopelessly out of date, then users will simply log off. Undertaking an annual audit of the content is a good way to highlight any obsolete information as well as identifying any broken links, and disconnected or duplicated pieces of content. Keeping the content engaging and pertinent will go a long way to securing the intranet’s continued relevance.

6. Consult With Your Company Intranets Supplier

If you utilize a cloud-based intranet template then it’s a good idea to consult with your intranet supplier on a regular basis. It’s likely that your supplier will be constantly reviewing and updating their product and they may well have insights that you haven’t even considered. Fresh or improved functionality could have a positive impact on your intranet’s performance in new and innovative ways.

If you are using a WordPress intranet then it’s trickier as there is no supplier as such that you can consult with. There is, however, a great online community of WordPress intranet users that you can use as a resource and as a means of keeping up to date with the latest plugins or WordPress themes. But there is more of an onus on you to undertake the research and to educate yourself than there is with the cloud intranet template option.

Ensure An Adequate Return On Investment

As with any company investment whether it be hardware, software or equipment, it’s essential to be able to demonstrate an adequate return on the investment. Regular monitoring and review of the company intranet’s performance is an important aspect of this. Having made the original investment, it makes sense to ensure that the company intranet grows and develops alongside your business and continues to address your organizational needs.  These tips, together with a strong and focussed intranet steering group, will ensure your company intranet stays on track.

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