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Maybe you are a business owner or manager who is convinced of the need for an intranet. Perhaps you’re a senior executive who is looking forward to solving an organizational pain point with an intranet. However, having googled intranet software, you are now completely bamboozled by all the different options out there. How do you know which one is best for your business?

This category of posts on the topic of intranet software will help you make sense of all the different options out there so that you can confidently select the best fit for your company. As well as clear definitions on commonly used terms like intranet, extranet and portal, you’ll also find information on the advantages and disadvantages of all the options.

Perhaps yours is a large company with a strong internal IT resource as well as an on-site company server. You may well be actively considering a bespoke intranet built from scratch. Use this category to discover the benefits as well as the drawbacks. Maybe your business already uses WordPress as a website platform or as a content management system and so you want to explore the possibility of using it for your intranet as well. In this category, you’ll find an honest appraisal of using WordPress and other possibilities such as Drupal. Also included is everything you need to know about cloud intranets: from how to set one up through to information on assuring the security of your company data, and an examination of the powerful tools and modules on offer.

In short, this category is a good starting point for anyone who wants help and advice on any aspect of intranet software.

Intranet Management: Best Practices For Managing Your Intranet

So, your intranet is up and running, and you are delighted with the results. Internal communications have improved, team collaboration is on the up, and best of all, your employees love the platform. Congratulations! You can give yourself a pat on the back for a job...

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IT Intranet: How To Improve Service And Boost Your Profile

IT departments are the powerhouse behind every successful business; but, their contribution is often underappreciated. Sometimes written off as being nerdy and uncool, IT departments fly under the radar until something goes wrong. However, the Covid pandemic has done...

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Google Intranet: Unleash The Power Of Google In Your Intranet

Google's impact is now so far-reaching that it’s even got its own entry as a verb in the Oxford English Dictionary. When it comes to work or leisure, there’s nothing you can’t do without Google. And many businesses have found Google’s set of collaborative and...

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10 Tips To Overcome Remote Team Conflict

Conflict resolution within remote teams is a difficult task for any manager. But when the dispute involves employees who are working remotely, it’s an even bigger challenge. And yet, home working is undoubtedly here to stay. The pandemic has simply fast-tracked what...

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Can Workplace Technology Really Help Us To Collaborate More?

Workplace technology has undoubtedly transformed the way we work. When the first desktop computers were introduced in the 1970s, they were the size of modern-day TVs. Fast forward 50 years, and we are carrying around in our pockets sophisticated smartphone computers....

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How To Create A Company Intranet Without Coding Skills

According to Inc Magazine, the future of software is no-code platforms. We have already seen the cloud technology revolution transform the way businesses work. And the next wave in this process is the growth of no-code software. The ability to use software without...

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WordPress Intranet: 7 Of The Biggest Challenges

Are you looking for an easy to set up and manage intranet solution? Well, a WordPress intranet could be a very appealing option, especially if your website is already powered by WordPress. In fact, as a free, open-source website creation tool WordPress is one of the...

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Easy Intranet: Successful Business Intranets Keep It Simple

All the most successful business intranets have one thing in common – simplicity. Despite what you might think, intranets can be easy to set up and manage even for non-technical staff. And employees find them just as easy to use, so the intranet quickly becomes an...

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Employee Suggestion Program: How To Find The Gold

Many great business innovations started life as a humble suggestion from an employee. It was a worker at Amazon who came up with the simple, but incredibly successful idea of offering customers free shipping. This innovation led to the creation of Amazon Prime. It was...

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Intranet Roadmap: How To Get Started On Your Intranet Project

Getting started on an intranet implementation may feel daunting. And perhaps even more so if you are not overly confident with technology. The same applies if you are reviewing an existing intranet. A must-have to ensure project success is an intranet roadmap. This...

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Latest Intranet Reviews

MyHub Intranet is rated 4.9 / 5 based on 26 reviews. Our full in-depth independent intranet reviews can be found on the Capterra reviews website. Here a just a selection of some of the latest reviews of MyHub. 06/19/2020 - Express Plumbing Service - Service Likelihood...

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Help Staff Work From Home: Adjusting To The New Normal

Staff working from home is no longer the niche movement it once was. Covid-19 has forced employees and employers to rapidly adapt to this new work situation with almost no notice. Zero planning means the pros and cons of working from home are being uncovered...

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Business Intranet Solutions: The Why, How and What

When businesses consider any major project, usually the first question that arises is “why” quickly followed by “what” and “how.” Why do we need this? What benefits will we reap? What are the requirements? How do we go about implementing the best business intranet for...

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Internal Communications Strategy: 15 Tips

Have you been tasked with drawing up an internal communications strategy for your company? It’s a daunting prospect, right? Successful businesses increasingly place greater importance - and investment - in getting their internal communications strategy in order. Get...

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Distributed Teams: 10 Best Practice Tips For Managers

Distributed teams has become more of a necessity for businesses rather than a nice to have. In light of recent unexpected events - such as a global pandemic and extreme weather - businesses are considering this modern way of working with greater urgency. Digital...

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