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MyHub Features - Publish


When you need to get information to all your team, it should be quick and easy.




Securely share information with the right people, whether, on-site, remote or in the field.




Support a creative, engaging workplace where employees can access all information, and updates.




Keep your site updated and ensure your team is confident what they need will be there.


Instant Access To Important Information

Instant access to important information

Instant access to information is critical to business performance. Still, when you don’t have a full-time role managing and maintaining a place to store this information, you can often force your team to waste time searching file systems and messaging apps. It would help if you had a place to store this information that is easy to create and maintain and for your team to quickly find what they need.

With MyHub you can have instant access to essential information and documents from a secure central site. Moreover, MyHub is built for businesses of all sizes, and you won’t need dedicated or technical staff to maintain.

MyHub Features - Publish


Quickly publish documents and information

Publishing information is a time-critical job. You’ll often receive documents and drafts at the last minute and have to get them to the team quick smart. And you still have your day job to get through. So, what do you do? Now you have MyHub to solve the problem.

MyHub is different from your typical page builder intranet or website. Our platform supports multiple document types and contains a range of modules, from surveys to blogs. This means you can combine the pieces you need to craft the ultimate place to communicate and engage your audience.


Whatever you need

There’s no need to make do. MyHub provides the right tool for the right job. We offer tailored tools for newsfeeds, staff directories, newsletters, sharing files and more.


Integrations made easy

Select from the wide range of document and module types designed to inform your team. We even integrate with Canva so images and illustrations are one-click away.

MyHub Publish designed for speed

Designed for speed

My Hub doesn’t force you in to any prescribed way of working. We provide a comprehensive solution that is quick and easy to configure and use. Giving you the right tools to publish what you need.

MyHub Share


Share relevant
and engaging information

No matter what type of business you run, information is the lifeblood that keeps your business flying. Without sharing important business documents, such as policies, procedures, and best practices, promptly, your business would grind to a halt. Here’s where MyHub excels – helping you share the right information with the right team members, wherever they may be.

MyHub Share whatever you need

Whatever you need

MyHub supports a wide range of document and information types from popular types like Microsoft and Google docs, to PDFs and simple text files. And we don’t care where they are located.


For your eye's only

You get to choose who’ll see what you have to share. MyHub integrates with popular single sign on (SSO) and OAuth solutions, ensuring only the right people get to see the information you publish.

MyHub Share connected wherever

Connected wherever

Not matter where your team might be or whatever way they work they won’t miss out, with our mobile app they’ll be able to get access



Create open engaging two-way communication

There is no silver bullet to building team engagement. That’s why MyHub takes a more personal and flexible approach to engaging your team. We’ll give you a range of tools to create relevant and engaging content, gather and report on actions and feedback, and automate routine tasks. With MyHub you’ll get an intranet that suits how your team wants to work; we’ll never suggest you shoehorn all of our features into your business, you get to choose.

MyHub Engage feedback

Feedback is a gift

Simple and effective two-way communication that drives engagement. MyHub comes out of the box with news blogs, notifications, sharing feeds, forums, quizzes and messaging. All in one place.

MyHub Engage whats relevant to you

What's relevant to you

With the wide range of tools MyHub offers, you can engage your team in more relevant and meaningful ways from within your intranet. Now that will drive engagement.

MyHub Engage automate tasks

Automate routine tasks

Save time and improve your processes by automating requests and approvals. MyHub offers forms for automating workflows and data collation. No other integration or subscription is needed.

MyHub Maintain


Easy to maintain, no specialist skills needed

We know you don’t have time to become a web admin or want to be one. MyHub is hosted in the cloud, so there is no need for an IT team to be involved. In addition, no one needs to be a technical whizz to use MyHub; it’s drag ‘n drop and requires no technical skills or specialist knowledge.

We’ve made MyHub easy to set up and maintain. We’ve also made it affordable. Check out our pricing here.

MyHub Maintain without IT

Managing without IT

Everything in MyHub uses a drag ‘n drop publishing process. From updating and managing users to adding new content to your site, you won’t need IT or be an IT expert yourself.

MyHub Maintain easy to update

Easy to update and maintain

No coding skills are needed, we’ve focused on making the process easy. Our typical site admin works in HR, marketing or admin support.

MyHub Maintain brand

Brand it your way

Making your site look great with a good look and feel is easy with MyHub’s pre-built page templates. Add your logo, brand colors, images and more.

Mobile People

Quick and easy access to your intranet in your pocket

Not everybody has a desk job, infact your most important team members will be out on the road, making business happen. So giving these team members important information at the right time can materially move productivity. That’s where a mobile app comes in.

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