HR Glossary

There’s something for everyone in our HR Glossary, from students and interns to senior executives. We have put together a comprehensive resource with easy-to-understand explanations of all things HR.

hr glossaryDon’t know your attrition rate from yield ratios? Help is at hand. HR has a language all its own. And our simple definitions of common HR terms and buzzwords ensure you understand what’s important.

The HR Glossary will support you in your everyday work.

HR students and newbies in the industry will find it an invaluable go-to resource. More seasoned HR professionals can use the glossary to support their research for reports, projects, and presentations. Or perhaps, you need to decipher some cryptic instructions from the boss? No problem – our glossary is here to help.

We are adding to the resource all the time, so if you find a definition is missing, let us know.

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