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Instant access to important information

Finding and accessing information today should be a breeze, but in many cases, it’s not. Your team will be wasting time looking for files and searching outdated content to complete their jobs. Intranets were supposed to solve this problem, but they’re difficult to maintain and keep up to date.

Enter MyHub. MyHub is an intranet platform designed to help your team connect to content, knowledge, and each other. Imagine a modern intranet with built-in tools to keep everybody updated and productive.

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Benefits at a glance


Publish information quickly and easily

It’s essential teams have the right information at the right time to do their jobs, but publishing this information takes time teams don’t have. That’s why we make publishing and managing information easy and quick.
Find Documents

Find documents in no time at all

It all starts with a simple, intuitive layout and great search. With MyHub, your team will quickly access the documents and information they need.

Transform your intranet with integration

Streamline your workflow and reduce administrative tasks with our integrations. Easily connect to your everyday apps and manage users effortlessly from your intranet. Explore now >

One place to access critical information

MyHub is a comprehensive publishing platform that offers teams and departments, chat, newsfeeds, forums, blogs, calendars, document storage, automated forms, staff directories, notifications and more. All features are available on all plans.

Keep everyone informed and engaged

Welcome to the heart of your intranet experience! MyHub empowers everyone to individualize their intranet experience, leading to improved engagement and less wasted time.

Experience the power of a community-driven intranet with MyHub’s Update feature, which allows users to share updates, including shoutouts and alerts, ultimately fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing across your organization.

Intranet Design Service

Create an intuitive and beautiful intranet

Delivering a beautiful functioning intranet is now easier with MyHub’s integration with Canva. Images and designs sourced from Canva can be used alongside other content types, from PDFs to videos, to enhance your intranet’s appeal.

Simplify the publishing and sharing of critical information while making your intranet visually stunning.

Book a demo today to discover how effortless it is to create an intranet you’ll be proud of.

Best Western are now more productive than ever

A long-established global family of hotels, Best Western Hotels & Resorts in Scandinavia is a brand that’s known and trusted throughout the world. It’s certainly a big player in Scandinavia with over 150 hotels situated in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. However, with head office based in the US and a corporate intranet offering that wasn’t geared to local conditions, Best Western Scandinavia set about looking for an alternative solution which brought them to the MyHub intranet.


Quick and easy access to your intranet in your pocket

The most essential employees in any business are the ones on the road, often doing the ‘real’ work. So giving these team members information at the right time can materially move productivity. That’s where our mobile app comes in.

Not everybody has a desk job, but they have a mobile device. So when your team needs quick access to information, wherever they are, our mobile app is the first place to go.

The mobile app will enhance how your team works, giving a seamless experience across all devices and providing employees with the same level of access, whether in the office or out and about.

Updates Mobile

Team can’t find critical documents? They will soon…

We’d love to show you how easy MyHub is to use. Watch our video or book a demo.

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