Intranet Design Services

The Challenge

You’ve defined your requirements and selected MyHub because you know your MyHub site can deliver the outcomes you’re looking for, but you lack the time to customize your MyHub site and get it launched.

The Solution – MyHub Intranet Design Services

By engaging with a MyHub intranet designer you’ll be assured to get a fully functioning intranet site that will meet your needs based on your real requirements. Our intranet designers will follow a well-defined engagement process that’s proven to deliver great sites within defined timelines and budgets.

The Engagement Process

Your MyHub intranet designer will lead the engagement process and ensure you’re updated on progress. The process is broken down into three key stages including:

1Scope and Commercials

  • Gathering requirements
  • Defining launch objectives and timelines
  • Developing a site plan including key pages, modules and content
  • Agreeing the scope of works, pricing and terms

2Site Design

  • Adding a company logo and changing site color options
  • Designing and adding pages
  • Adding content to pages including images, news articles, text, video and forms
  • Adding folders and files to the Document Exchange
  • Adding users to the site, Role Groups and Roles


  • Handover and training
  • Post-launch support

Ready To Start?

Intranet Design Services: How To Easily Create A Customized Intranet

Making the decision to introduce a company intranet is the easy part. What’s not so easy is finding the time to design and set up an intranet that is the perfect match to your business requirements. That’s where utilizing a supplier that provides intranet design services can make life much easier. In this article, we look at how quick and easy it is to create a customized intranet.

Intranet Design: Deal With Difficulty – Top Tips For An Effective Intranet

The key goal when it comes to designing any effective intranet? A system that boosts employee engagement and enhances productivity – both of which are entirely achievable through a thoughtful intranet design. Basic knowledge of how to construct an intranet won’t get you those results, nor will working with a basic template. Consider all the features that your employees will want to use.

One To File Away – The Importance Of Thoughtful Online File Usage

In the same way that internet users connect from all manner of devices, many intranet users will be viewing your site on everything from tablets to laptops to phones to desktop set-ups. All sorts of steps can be taken to make sure that everyone gets as flawless an experience as possible – but there’s one little thing… keep an eye on the size of your files.

Designing Your Intranet: Working Towards Perfection

When it comes to making sure you’ve got a top-notch, fully functioning intranet, your intranet design is a vital part of the building process. You need something up-to-date, something user-friendly and something capable of doing all the necessary data crunching. And if your intranet doesn’t do what it needs to do, it’ll drag down everyone’s efficiency with it.

Intranet Design: 8 Ways Your To Destroy Its Effectiveness

Your intranet design is as unique as your company. What works for another company may be a complete and utter failure for you, while your favorite features may be utterly unnecessary to someone else. There are some things, however, that can doom your intranet to failure before it ever gets off the ground. By avoiding these design fails, you can help improve your intranet’s effectiveness and increase its usage throughout your company.

Intranet Design: What Are The Essential Ingredients?

What makes a great intranet? Ask a random sample of colleagues in the workplace and it’s likely that the majority will cite design as being the defining factor in creating an outstanding intranet. But what are the essential ingredients of a great design? In this article, we draw on the latest trends and identify some of the key elements that will make your intranet design stand out from the rest.

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