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Unlock the full potential of the software that your team uses today. Our integrated solutions ensure that employees stay seamlessly connected, with easy access to multiple corporate applications directly from the intranet, without the hassle of constantly logging in. You can also easily synchronize user data to MyHub and automate onboarding processes, making the entire process hassle-free.


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Creating a visually stunning intranet is now easier with MyHub’s integration with Canva.

Create images and designs in Canva and publish them directly into your MyHub site to enhance your intranet’s appeal. 

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Integration Features & Questions

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How can I manage MyHubs integrations?

  • With just a few clicks, you can turn one or more integrations on or off with MyHub.
  • Choose to connect integrations for user synchronization, authentication or both.
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How is my data managed between MyHub and an integration?

  • Webhook technology is used where supported to provide real-time data updates.
  • When you activate an integration and select user synchronization, all your application users will be imported and synchronized to MyHub.
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How is the employee experience improved?

  • Where supported, users can log in to MyHub using existing application credentials like Office 365, removing the need for additional usernames and passwords.
  • Each MyHub user’s central dashboard presents links to all integrated applications, which can be customized. Thus, users can easily find all the applications they need in one place.
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What security measures are in place for integrations?

  • All integrations use enterprise-grade security to protect the data transmitted.
  • Easily revoke access to any integration anytime via the integrations interface or your access tokens.
  • All user and application data is passed through and never stored on third-party servers to reduce potential security risks.

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