Product Updates

Please find below a summary of our product release updates. As you’ll see we do regular updates that include everything from enhancements to new features and we fix the niggly stuff that annoys us all. As always we thank you for your feedback, it helps guide us to deliver new features.

August 11th 2019

  • Added - Office 365 SSO - Beta release
  • Updated - Login Page - Updated login page released
  • Updated - Google SSO - Multiple enhancements

August 6th 2019

  • Updated - Forms - Bug fix for capturing other values correctly within multi-checkbox fields
  • Updated - User Management - Multiple bulk import and delete optimization changes

July 31st 2019

  • Updated - Forum - Fixed issue with email notifications
  • Updated - Performance - HTTP 2.0 enabled for all sites

July 23rd 2019

  • Updated - HTML / Text Module - Insert link issue with text overriding the link resolved
  • Updated - Forms - Problem resolved with export all submissions on a limited number of sites

July 18th 2019

  • Updated - Staff Directory - Yellow and stretched user profile image bug fixed

July 17th 2019

  • Updated - Calendar - Bug fixed with the calendar organizer not saving
  • Updated - HTML / Text Module - Issue resolved with different image orientations

July 4th 2019

  • Updated - Forms - Issue fixed with default statuses not saving
  • Updated - User management - Reset user password change to resolve single quotation mark error

July 3rd 2019

  • Updated - Forms - HTTP error 200 bug fixed when uploading form attachments

June 25th 2019

  • Updated - Document Exchange - Multi-file upload optimization for large files

June 17th 2019

  • Updated - Performance - Multiple page load performance enhancements

June 12th 2019

  • Updated - Document Exchange - Backend architecture optimization enhancement

June 11th 2019

  • Updated - Forms - Issue fixed with forms submission status changes
  • Updated - User Management - Issue resolved with first and last names not updating in certain cases

May 23rd 2019

  • Updated - Forms - Form creation date set to match the overall site date format
  • Updated - Backend - socket stability issue resolved

May 16th 2019

  • Updated - Permissions - Module permissions bug fixed
  • Updated - Forms - Issue resolved around viewing uploaded files within submissions

May 5th 2019

  • Updated - Forum - Issue fixed with some hyperlinks not working
  • Updated - Calendar - Resolved issue with calendar events displaying as HTML within the site activity wall in certain scenarios

April 29th 2019

  • Updated - Document Exchange - Resolved issue causing multiple 404 errors

April 11th 2019

  • Updated - Pages - Resolved the bug with pages pointing to another page with the same name e.g. Help
  • Updated - Google SSO - Import users error resolved

April 8th 2019

  • Updated - Modules - Bug fix associated with moving existing modules to a different areas on Pages

April 2nd 2019

  • Updated - Logo - Bug fix associated with cropping images when they have been drag n dropped into MyHub

April 1st 2019

  • Added - My Account - New functionality that allows MyHub customers to view all invoices, subscriptions, update credit card details and settle oustanding subscription charges
  • Updated - Document Exchange - Copy and paste issue resolved
  • Updated - Staff Directory - Fixed the bug with country searches
  • Updated - Search - Resolved the issue with Pages that are in the recycle bin displaying within Search results

March 28th 2019

  • Updated - Activity Wall - Bug fix for deleted Forum entries displaying within the Activity Wall
  • Updated - User Profile - Resolved issue with some custom User Profile field values not saving
  • Updated - Forms - Bug fix for errors seen when exporting large numbers of submissions to CSV file

March 25th 2019

  • Updated - Logo - Automatic resizing of logo images to improve page load times
  • Updated - Forum - Resolved issue with deleted forum modules still displaying

March 24th 2019

  • Updated - User Profile - Issue resolved with updates to the region field
  • Updated - Calendar - Fixed the issue where calendar entries were not displaying in chronological order

March 21st 2019

  • Updated - Reset Password - Issue with the Password Reset button not displaying properly on some mobile devices resolved
  • Updated - Forms Builder - Fixed minor styling issue with popup control

March 12th 2019

  • Updated - User Profile - Fixed the Follow User button issue

March 10th 2019

  • Updated - User Reports - Site logs are now saved to a separate database to enhance reporting performance and improve page load times

March 4th 2019

  • Updated - Forums - Deletion bug fixed
  • Updated - Banner Gallery - Set featured image pagination bug fixed
  • Updated - Forms - Submission created date format changed to match the site timezone settings
  • Updated - Add & Manage Users - Performance enhancements to the export users code to fix timeout issues seen with large volumes of users

February 28th 2019

  • Updated - Calendar - Event month view bug fixed

February 27th 2019

  • Added - Content Delivery Network - Additional static assets added to improve page load times

February 12th 2019

  • Updated - IP Restrictions - Bug fixed with IP restriction functionality

February 11th 2019

  • Updated - Expanding Text - Fixed the new gallery bug seen within this module

February 10th 2019

  • Updated - Platform Update - Major update to the underlying core platform and architechure. Redesigned from the ground up to improve security, performance and provide an up to date modern development framework for future product features.

January 18th 2019

  • Updated - Expanding Text - Fix for phone numbers not displaying correctly as call links on iPhones

January 16th 2019

  • Updated - Forum - Enhancement to stop timeouts on topics with large volumes of replies

December 20th 2018

  • Updated - Add And Manage User - Timeout issue resolved for specific scenarios

December 19th 2018

  • Updated - Add And Manage User - Reduced load time optimizations

December 11th 2018

  • Updated - Staff Directory - Surname search bug fixed

November 28th 2018

  • Updated - Staff Directory - Reduced load time optimizations
  • Updated - Forums - Security enhancements

October 25th 2018

  • Updated - Forums - Issue resolved with images downloading rather than displaying

October 15th 2018

  • Added - Module Update Notifications - New module change notifications added so that when a module is updated you have the option to notify and/or email users in specific roles of the change
  • Updated - Customize User Profile Fields - Speed enhancement when saving custom fields for sites with large numbers of users

October 5th 2018

  • Updated - Add and Manage Users - When you update a user profile field it now updates the fields in the add and manage users tool as well
  • Updated - Add and Manage Users - CSV import bug fix
  • Updated - Document Exchange - Video icon bug fix

October 3rd 2018

  • Updated - Forms - Various enhancements to the way reviewers view and approve submissions

October 2nd 2018

  • Updated - Document Exchange - Video icon added for relevant files

September 24th 2018

  • Updated - Forum - bug fixed with forums in specific cases not showing as available
  • Updated - Staff Directory - Page styling and usability enhancements
  • Updated - Add & Manage Users - Page styling and usability enhancements
  • Updated - MyHub Email Logs - Page styling and usability enhancements

September 19th 2018

  • Added - Site Activity Wall - Setting added so that all users see every update from every user, with this setting they will not be able to unfollow users
  • Updated - Add & Manage Users - Issue fixed with user profile fields seen during bulk exports

September 14th 2018

  • Updated - Forms - Fix to resolve the overlapping submission cell text seen on some mobile devices

September 13th 2018

  • Updated - Forms - Bug fixed with different date time formats used within the Salesforce integration
  • Updated - All Modules - Adjustment to the way that module expiry setting works so that they all use the site timezone

September 11th 2018

  • Updated - Forms - Enhancement to the way file upload progress is shown within a custom form
  • Updated - Forms - Improvements to the way submissions are displayed using the drop-down status filter
  • Updated - Forms - Control put in place to remove the ability to add two submit buttons to a single form
  • Updated - Forms - Enhancements to the way text is wrapped when displaying submissions to improve readability
  • Updated - Staff Directory - Made the first option in the search drop down default to first name based on customer feedback

September 10th 2018

  • Updated - Forums - Issue resolved within the forum mangement area for reordering individual forums

September 4th 2018

  • Updated - Forms - Update to show dates and date/times on the Salesforce integration actions on the field mapping screen
  • Updated - Manage Password - Visual rules added to the password reset and change pages

September 3rd 2018

  • Added - Add & Manage Many Users - Allow users to be deleted by using the bulk user CSV file upload process
  • Updated - Feature Content - Scrolling bug fixed while adding files to this module
  • Updated - Text / HMTL / Video - Insert hyperlinks in alphabetical order when selecting multiple files from the Document Exchange
  • Updated - User Profile Activity Wall - Fixed the bug with capital letters associated with images

August 31st 2018

  • Updated - Search - Case sensitive search issue fully resolved and search times improved dramatically

August 29th 2018

  • Updated - IP Restrictions - Users IP address added to the access denied screen to aid IP address identification and troubleshooting

August 27th 2018

  • Updated - Forms - Replicated and resolved the issue seen where form actions where disappearing
  • Updated - Newsletters - bug fix associatd with code being displayed within emails next to the logo

August 22nd 2018

  • Updated - Forms - Issue resolved where if you delete a field the corresponding form actions weren't being deleted

August 16th 2018

  • Updated - Text / HMTL / Video - Issue resolved with PDFs not display when browsing the Document Exchange within this module

August 15th 2018

  • Updated - Text / HMTL / Video - Spellcheck bug resolution

August 9th 2018

  • Updated - User Profile - Customized user profile fields fix for email addresses in certain cases

August 3rd 2018

  • Updated - Forum - Change to display the moderation message when a reply is posted for moderated forums

August 1st 2018

  • Updated - User Maintenance - Resolved a bug seen with duplicate user profile field names

July 26th 2018

  • Updated - News - We're automatically adding the site logo to newsletters and you can now add your own email subject and message. We've also auto-populated both the subject title and email so customers can still hit the send button or edit both

July 25th 2018

  • Added - Password - Site setting added to allow administrators to change the minimum length of passwords and the option to force special characters to be used
  • Updated - User Maintenance - Enhancements to further reduce page load times
  • Updated - Staff Directory - Enhancements to further reduce page load times

July 17th 2018

  • Updated - Events Calendar - Display the event location on the details page and within email notifications
  • Updated - Copy Pages - Fix implemented for page with / or in the name

July 5th 2018

  • Added - Module Settings - Checkbox options for displaying module title and displaying the module border

July 3rd 2018

  • Updated - Forms - Enhancements to speed up loading time for pages that contain multiple forms

June 25th 2018

  • Added - Site Settings - Setting to allow or disallow editing of user profiles by non-admin users
  • Updated - Document Exchange - Resolved the recycle bin timeout issue when deleting large numbers of files

June 21st 2018

  • Updated - HTML / Text Module - Fixed an issue with images and content in tables not displaying properly in some circumstances

June 20th 2018

  • Updated - Forum - Fixed the Forum moderation emails not having any content or subject title
  • Updated - Forum - Fixed a bug where raw HTML appeared on latest topics

June 18th 2018

  • Updated - Forms - Fixed the multiple show/hide rules for the file upload error
  • Updated - Forum - Implemented a graceful close of the page for Forum file attachments
  • Updated - Bulk User Management - Adjustment of the user upload restrictions to support larger organizations

June 14th 2018

  • Updated - Forms - Fixed a bug with form submissions not displaying correctly in certain scenarios

June 13th 2018

  • Updated - Forum - Multiple database enhancements to improve load times
  • Updated - News - Fixed a bug with News comment required field

June 5th 2018

  • Added - Bulk User Import - Added the option to show or hide a users email address in the bulk user import spreadsheet
  • Updated - DMX - Issue fixed with the Add permission not displaying on new folders
  • Updated - Calendar - Bug fix associated with the forms module not working correctly on pages that already contain the calendar module

June 1st 2018

  • Updated - News - Fixed a bug when an author has been deleted, the link to their old posts was broken
  • Updated - Profile - Fixed an issue seen where some users uploaded profile images smaller than 32px in width

May 29th 2018

  • Updated - Calendar - Multiple page load enhancements to improve load times

May 23rd 2018

  • Updated - Edit Profile - Fixed a bug with certain Adobe image file formats uploaded to profile image causing errors
  • Updated - Document Exchange - Multiple backend performance enhancements
  • Updated - Forms - Bug fix associated with unicode characters being used within form labels

May 22nd 2018

  • Updated - Google SSO - Mobile responsive changes for the Google Single Sign On button

May 21st 2018

  • Updated - Calendar - Fixed a bug with calendar entry updates not being sent to attendees when the date is changed

May 15th 2018

  • Updated - Activity Wall - Bug fix associated with News articles with a published date set to in the future

May 8th 2018

  • Updated - Document Exchange - Enhancement so that this page can be renamed

May 7th 2018

  • Updated - Search - Fixed issues with characters in search terms
  • Updated - Google SSO - Restrict access to the email domain entered in the Google SSO settings
  • Updated - Google SSO - Fixed the issue with new SSO users needing to sign in twice

May 1st 2018

  • Updated - Activity Wall - Performance enhancements to increase page load speed

April 20th 2018

  • Updated - Calendar - Fault with people icon removed

April 16th 2018

  • Updated - Document Exchange - Alignment of the hover menu fixed up

April 11th 2018

  • Added - Document Exchange - Fixed a bug with lines showing when you hover over menu items
  • Added - Forms - Fix for Actions, show fields with copied modules on the same page
  • Added - Search - Fix for search terms with quotes and update to Powerpoint icon

April 5th 2018

  • Added - Authentication - Google Single Sign On (SSO) integration and functionality, automatic login and bulk import of users from Google
  • Updated - Forms - Fixed a bug when you use the matrix field in the forms builder module and have 10 or more columns on a form the additional columns did not display correctly
  • Updated - Calendar - When you deleted a series of calendar events it sent multiple emails, one for every event, it now only sends one

April 3rd 2018

  • Updated - Staff Directory - Fixed the issues with page and user numbers not displayed correctly, paging and items per page disappearing and the number of item per page on the last page
  • Updated - Add & Manage User - Fixed the issues with page and user numbers not displayed correctly, paging and items per page disappearing and the number of item per page on the last page

March 29th 2018

  • Updated - Forms - Fixed the column formatting issues within submissions where a new field is added but no submissions have been made yet with the new field present
  • Updated - Text & Video - Enhanced iFrame control to include a button to browse the Document Exchange to simplify the process of adding PDFs to pages
  • Updated - Text & Video - Fixed an issue with insert control where file names become separated on hover
  • Updated - Help Menu: Book A Support Call - Enhancements to the flow
  • Updated - Forms - Image Picker: hide folder and files dropdown
  • Updated - Hyperlinks to files - simplified the process of adding hyperlinks to files. You no longer need to add link text as only the file name will be displayed, this will act as the link text

March 19th 2018

  • Updated - Forms - Bug fix, exclude save and resume data in the completed submission list causing errors in certain circumstances
  • Updated - Staff Directory, View Profile, Bulk Import - Added the option to hide users in the Staff Directory
  • Updated - Staff Directory - Search dropdown Internet Explorer bug fix
  • Updated - Administration Navigation Bar - Various help menu text enhancements
  • Updated - Calendar - Hover over popup bug fix
  • Updated - Search - Page two pagination reduced loading time enhancement

March 8th 2018

  • Updated - Forms - Fixed the maximum file size restrictions to 500 MB
  • Updated - Forum - Enhanced the security permissions table styles and simplified the options

March 5th 2018

  • Added - Bulk Users Import - Added the ability to change the default timezone for each user
  • Added - Forum - Additional forum permissions added for roles other than administrators to allow lock, pin, delete, edit and move
  • Updated - Forms - Bug fix associated with save and resume with date fields (no time)
  • Updated - Forms - Fixed the save and resume with watermark issue
  • Updated - Forms - Change to the time field minute drop down to display 5 minute intervals

February 20th 2018

  • Updated - Forms - Fixed an issue seen with Salesforce integration with dropdown lists causing errors when empty
  • Updated - Image Gallery - Fixed a bug with auto orientation of portrait images taken using mobile phones
  • Updated - Search - Fixed search indexing issue with a number of forms

February 16th 2018

  • Updated - Banner Gallery - fixed the issue where gallery dots overlap menu items

February 12th 2018

  • Added - Forms - Enhancement to support custom Salesforce fields

February 5th 2018

  • Added - Text and Video Module - Image gallery released
  • Added - Text and Video Module - Delete All Content button added

January 30th 2018

  • Updated - Forms - Fixed bug with the form file control that was stopping the upload of allowed files
  • Updated - Forms - Bug fix associated with datetime formats triggering an error when a form is saved for resuming later
  • Updated - News Summary - Enhancement to the home page news summary, introducing lazy loading to improve overall home page loading times

January 24th 2018

  • Added - Forums - Release of permission based forum moderation and notification functionality
  • Updated - Forms - Fixed a bug with the comments and status values displaying incorrectly within workflow status change emails

January 23rd 2018

  • Updated - Forms - Fixed a bug with some special characters not being exported correctly

January 10th 2018

  • Updated - Forms - Fixed an issue with the forms action that sends updates back to the original form submitter
  • Updated - Forms - Fixed a bug with the time and date/time forms fields not correctly recording AM & PM within submissions
  • Updated - Calendar - Fixed the overlapping text bug seen in calendar entry details when clicked from list view

December 20th 2017

  • Updated - Forms - Workflow functionality and Salesforce integration added
  • Updated - Administration - Multiple cross site UI and styling enhancements

December 11th 2017

  • Updated - Document Exchange - Added a verify files progress bar and increased the file upload size limit to 500mb. Enhanced file uploading solution implemented.

November 27th 2017 (Notes)

Release Notes


November 20th 2017

  • Added - Search - Added the ability to search forum titles and summaries
  • Added - Search - Forms and field labels have been added to search results
  • Added - Search - Various enhancements to search term highlighting
  • Updated - Search - Enhanced search results now return filenames with special characters in them
  • Updated - Search - Unpublished news articles have been removed from search results
  • Updated - Search - Enhanced search results displaying characters before and after search terms returned
  • Updated - News - Fixed the issue where in some scenarios a news module is copied and the previous one is deleted the links to the articles were incorrect
  • Updated - Users - Bug fix associated with the multi-selection of users and deletion
  • Updated - Search - Fixed an issue with search results not text wrapping and highlighting correctly on page 2 onwards
  • Updated - Search - Implemented an enhancement to allow larger file text content sizes to be indexed
  • Updated - Search - Changes to the search algorithm to produce better partial match results

October 26th 2017

  • Added - Forms - Added the ability to send email action notifications to multiple recipients on form submissions.

October 25th 2017

  • Updated - Search - Bug fixed with search where registered users click enter where there is a calendar on the page causing an error.

October 24th 2017

  • Updated - Calendar - Date picker text alignment issues resolved in Internet Explorer.

October 22nd 2017

  • Updated - Search - Release of the updated search tool.

October 9th 2017

  • Updated - Drag n Drop Modules - Fixed the bug that stopped users from moving modules when there are lots on the page and a number have been previously deleted.

October 3rd 2017

  • Updated - Adding page - Fixed a bug that did not allow you see the pages in the select parent drop-down list once you'd selected a page

September 19th 2017

  • Updated - Site reports - Fixed an issue where time zones were set incorrectly, this was impacting the site reporting display dates
  • Updated - Released changes to search

September 12th 2017

  • Updated - Add bulk users bug fix, in certain circumstance uploading bulk users via spreadsheet was timing out

September 11th 2017

  • Updated - Tidy up the preview image when you upload a new profile image
  • Updated - Fix for single character and numbers bug in profile images
  • Updated - Profile images no longer look stretched in the upload panel

September 1st 2017

  • Updated - Resolved a bug with folder creation within the Document Exchange

August 29th 2017

  • Added - Mobile responsive tables and table scrollbars
  • Added - Ability for admin user to set a password expiry length
  • Added - Spellcheck added to the page editor
  • Updated - Change to display to 200 characters within the Forums rather than cutting them off

August 24th 2017

  • Added - Spellcheck added to the Text/Image/Video module editor
  • Updated - If a folder is set to hidden do not display on search, only display for admins

August 17th 2017

  • Updated - Changes to default iFrame settings
  • Updated - Enhancement to the Form build alerts area
  • Updated - Bug fix for deleting an old role and being unable to edit a forum issue

August 10th 2017

  • Updated - Add subscribe to forum topic level
  • Updated - Resolution of IP restriction issues

August 7th 2017

  • Updated - Document Exchange performance enhancements
  • Updated - Fix for drag n drop & copy n paste folder bug deployed

August 4th 2017

  • Updated - Increased timeout and keepalive timeout to max values to 60s for CloudFront, deployed due to AWS product update

July 6th 2017

  • Updated - Form record export, multi-select enhancement

June 29th 2017

  • Updated - Security update
  • Updated - Enhancement to hover tool tips in Forms

June 22nd 2017

  • Updated - Calendar improvement for date time format in list view
  • Updated - Expanding text enhancement so that content doesn't load until the user clicks expand massively saving on download times in some cases
  • Updated - Progress wheel added to show when a folder load within the text editor
  • Updated - Strip formatting button added to text editor

June 18th 2017

  • Updated - News indexing enhancement, article is saving last modified date to index file
  • Updated - Recycle Bin enhancement, sort results by last modified date
  • Updated - Resolved calendar entries not being search indexed

June 12th 2017

  • Updated - Resolve the issue with linking to files not showing folders when you use the insert file link functionality in HTML/Text

June 8th 2017

  • Updated - Removed banners from search results
  • Updated - Removal of scripted code from search results
  • Updated - Calendar enhancement - allow reg user to add events

May 31st 2017

  • Updated - Resolved the latest admin user issue
  • Updated - Fixed the user confirmation email changing issue and validation process
  • Updated - New content added during indexing - change the search index to use the start date time of the index instead of the end
  • Updated - Changed the links in the search results to open the files directly
  • Updated - Hide search text button on small screens

May 18th 2017

  • Updated - Auto log out back button issue and fix for Firefox, Safari and Samsung sleep mode
  • Updated - Fixed the pin to top issue that caused the order to be wrong based on the pinned item date

May 11th 2017

  • Added - Mobile responsive enhancements to user bar

May 1st 2017

  • Added - Allow customers to set the auto logout, this can now be set by administrators

April 24th 2017

  • Updated - Fixed the copy forum module button problem

April 20th 2017

  • Updated - Admin page enhancements
  • Updated - Fix CSV user upload fix for custom profile fields

April 11th 2017

  • Added - Important update to allow site Admin users to edit, hide and customize the user profile fields in the Staff Directory.
  • Updated - Various speed improvements through cache settings
  • Updated - Moved the log out button to a better place based on customer feedback

April 3rd 2017

  • Updated - Fixed error with temp files missing and clean up old temp files e.g. when users close their browser
  • Updated - Fixed the Mail Me null skips company email bug

March 24th 2017

  • Added - Email notifications when folders/files change in the Document Exchange

March 15th 2017

  • Updated - Added the option notify users when they're added via the bulk upload CVS file process

March 13th 2017

  • Added - Released of the copy module to a different page functionality
  • Updated - Time format bug fix in the Forms Builder Module as it was not displaying correctly

February 27th 2017

  • Updated - Text editor added to the forums module enhancing the content options
  • Updated - Increase font size for notification emails in forms builder

February 20th 2017

  • Updated - Fix implemented for forms builder module report times as time zones were not correct
  • Updated - Various DX performance enhancements

February 16th 2017

  • Updated - Resolution to expanding text module manage list not working in some instances
  • Updated - Time zone information in the user account area and site reports fix released
  • Updated - Zipping of folders added to the Document Exchange module

February 13th 2017

  • Updated - Fix deployed for the News comment CloudFront link click error on profile page
  • Updated - When inserting images into text images only load folder content when the folder is clicked to reduce download times

February 9th 2017

  • Updated - Fixed problem with cropping profile images with special characters including the staff directory not displaying images

February 8th 2017

  • Updated - JS Conflict within the banner gallery issue resolved
  • Updated - Fix to News dashboard spacing in some browsers

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