Intranet Content Ideas: 10 Content Ideas To Jazz Up Your Intranet

Your intranet launched with a hiss and a roar several months ago. Adoption rates started high but soon dwindled. The shift to remote working since the pandemic has highlighted the intranet’s effectiveness. And although more staff are using the intranet’s tools, a common complaint is that intranet content is tired and stale. 

Sounds familiar? Well, you are not alone. Gartner reports that up to 90 percent of intranets fail to achieve their goals. And according to Gallup, 74 percent of employees are disconnected and feel that they are missing out on company news.

Too many companies have made the mistake of seeing the intranet as a one-off digital workplace initiative. The truth is that the launch is only the start. The intranet needs to be nurtured and refreshed with engaging content so that it remains relevant. 

Does your intranet need an overhaul, but you don’t know where to start? Here are ten intranet content ideas that will jazz up even the dullest intranet. 

10 Intranet Content Ideas

Give The Intranet A Name

intranet-namesSynapse, Spectrum, or inVent sound much cooler than just plain old intranet, right? Naming the intranet gives it some personality to engage staff. And it helps to create a buzz around the intranet platform.

Why not get employees involved in coming up with an intranet name? That way, you are more likely to get staff buy-in. Start a competition and get workers to vote on their favorite names in a snap poll.  

Develop A Content Schedule 

Great content doesn’t just create itself. You need to be organized and get teams involved in generating relevant content. 

Set up a content calendar with stories, articles, and announcements identified for each month. The end of the financial year, for example, is the perfect time to share corporate performance data. Perhaps you are planning to launch a new product in October. Schedule in an internal press release.  

Having a plan gives a sense of direction and helps to share the content creation load. 

Keep It Visual 

Many intranets are too text-heavy, which can be hard going for users. Make sure your intranet design is as eye-catching as possible. Use imagery and colors to grab the attention of users. Why not mix things up throughout the year. Go green for St Patrick’s Day or chose yellow to welcome in the summer. 

Use images, photos, graphics, and diagrams to illustrate and support written content. And incorporate video wherever possible. A corporate update delivered by the CEO in a video is more engaging than a memo. And rather than a complicated written procedure, why not upload an explainer video detailing how to complete a fault-finding diagnostic. 

Focus On People 

People enjoying reading content about people. Make sure your intranet has a strong emphasis on the organization’s human side. 

Include shout-outs as a great way to recognize employees publicly. Even better, make it possible for staff to shout-out their colleagues who have gone the extra mile.  

Introduce new employees on the intranet. Consider showcasing the work of a team or individual in a special ‘day in the life’ feature. Include intranet employee profiles that highlight workers’ knowledge and expertise. And bring these profiles to life with personal information, including family, hobbies, and achievements outside work.

Allow Personalized Intranet Content

Create opportunities for staff to customize their intranet experience. After all, staff access personalized news and social media feeds daily. And they expect the same high-value personalized experience at work.

social-intranetAllow employees to customize their intranet home page. Hotlinks and shortcuts take the worker directly to their favorite tools and content. And utilize social intranet features such as follow-me functionality as well as activity walls. 

A personalized intranet experience will go a long way to driving engagement with the platform.

Advertise Internal Job Opportunities

Internal recruitment is a cost-effective way of filling vacancies. Internal candidates are already familiar with the company set up and so can be up and running quickly. 

Use the intranet for advertising internal job opportunities. And make it easy for staff to apply with an online automated form that routes the application directly to HR.  

Create Q&A Forums 

Forums bring people together from across the business. Staff can ask questions, raise issues, and share their knowledge and insights with colleagues.

It’s empowering, and it’s also an efficient way to get answers to problems. The anytime, anywhere, any place nature of the intranet means help is just a click away.

Encourage User-Generated Content

Encourage staff to create content and see your engagement levels increase dramatically. Just like social media, it could be liking, sharing, and commenting on content. Or, workers could contribute to company blogs and forums. 

User-generated content encourages engagement. And it also adds that vital authenticity and relevancy that might be missing from your intranet. 

Instant Messaging

Connect With Team Chat

Nowadays, more and more employees are choosing to work from home. And the rise of the gig economy means freelancers and contractors are a standard part of workplaces. Team chat helps to bring staff together. 

Create #channels by teams, geographical location, or by themes such as #ideasworthsharing, #salesdevelopment, or #marketing101. Use the @mentions feature to draw colleagues into the discussions and to receive alerts and updates. 

Make Yout Intranet Content Fun 

Introduce a playful, fun element to the intranet. All work and no play makes for a dull experience for everyone. Especially in the current pandemic, a little light relief is essential for everyone’s health and wellbeing. 

Why not share some fun facts from employee profiles and get staff to guess who? Set up an internal Craigslist for employees. Celebrate National Pet Month with wacky pet photos. Start an online recipe-swap. 

Allow room for some fun in your intranet to encourage adoption and engagement. 

Intranet Engagement Ideas Best Practice

Keep the content on your intranet fresh, relevant, and fun with these intranet engagement best-practice ideas. It will make sure your intranet is optimized for effectiveness and delivers a return on investment. 

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