Google Intranet: Unleash The Power Of Google In Your Intranet

The impact of Google is now so all pervasive that it’s even got its own entry as a verb in the Oxford English Dictionary. It almost seems as though when it comes to the world of business, there’s nothing you can’t do without Google. And it’s certainly true that many businesses have found Google’s set of collaborative and cloud-based content sharing apps or G Suite to be an indispensable workplace tool. However, it’s also true that an intranet offers a number of unique business benefits including improved internal communications, enhanced employee engagement and streamlined processes that have also made it an indispensable tool in the workplace. Imagine then, what a difference it would make if these two powerful tools were combined in one Google intranet platform? Well, that’s exactly what’s on offer with MyHub’s intranet software which now allows you to incorporate G Suite directly into your intranet. Let’s find out more.

Google Intranet: Leverage The Investment

google intranet embedded spreadsheet

Selecting an intranet provider like MyHub that allows G Suite to be incorporated into the software means that you will be leveraging the investment you’ve already made. An intranet will enhance and multiply the advantages of G Suite by bringing together the best of both worlds. Adding live calendars, forms, documents and spreadsheets to your intranet pages means that users can view and edit G Suite apps online. In addition, G Suite and your intranet working together provides the following additional advantages:

Background And Contextual Information

One important advantage of embedding a G Suite app in your intranet is the opportunity it provides to supply important contextual information to the user. And so say, for example, you have a Google Sheet to record weekly and monthly conversions and sales data, embedding it directly in the sales team’s intranet page means that you can also provide explanatory notes on how to complete the spreadsheet as well as information as to the purpose and use of the data collected.

Ease Of Use

cloud intranet collaboration

Using G Suite in combination with your intranet does away with the need to send a link or a document around the office via email. Instead, all a user needs to do is go directly to the intranet page and start working on the document. And the intranet will automatically update the source document every time someone makes a change. And so, imagine how much easier it is to work collaboratively on a new safety and health policy or employee retention program for example? You won’t need to send out revised versions every time a change is made and you won’t need to spend hours collating comments and revising the document. Instead, managers and employees can be assigned site permissions that allow them to read or edit the document as appropriate. What’s more, everyone knows that the intranet has the very latest version and so there’s no chance of someone mistakenly using an outdated policy.

Better Joint Working

We’ve already touched on it above, but G Suite and intranets working together create more opportunities for collaboration and joint working across the business. Because the tools are both cloud-based, it means that two or more staff can be simultaneously working on the same Google app. This is a huge advantage for companies that have large numbers of remote workers, telecommuters, service technicians or sales personnel that spend most of their time away from the office. The 24/7 open-all-hours nature of the intranet, means that staff can still access business tools, utilize the G Suite apps and work collaboratively with their colleagues even if they’re attending a conference overseas or visiting a customer out of state.

Single Sign-On Synchronization

google intranets ssoAs we’ve seen, the influence of Google is now so extensive that most of us have some form of Google account already, whether it’s for Gmail, Google Analytics or Google Drive. And so as well as providing a familiar interface that staff will immediately feel at home with, staff members only need to sign into one platform rather than a multitude of ones and the G Suite apps will synchronize across the whole Google offering and even YouTube. For example, Google Calendar will automatically synch with Gmail and so on which makes it super convenient and easy to use.

Increased Data Storage

And the prospect of the hugely increased data storage offered by a Google intranet is not to be underestimated either. With most mail servers providing just 1GB of storage space for emails alone, the unlimited number of users and unlimited data storage on offer with an intranet has obvious benefits. What’s more, it also means that there is plenty of capacity for your business to grow and develop with a G Suite combined intranet. There’s no danger that your company will outgrow the platform as there’s plenty of room for growth already factored in.

Google Sites: A Final Word

And if, as you’ve been reading this article, you’ve found yourself thinking why can’t I build an intranet using Google Sites, isn’t that a more obvious way to go in the context of G Suite? Well, before making your mind up about that, consider this. The truth is Google Sites has limited functionality and whilst it might well act as a tool to develop an entry-level, simple intranet setup, it doesn’t offer the full suite of functionality or business tools that a dedicated intranet will provide.

Unleash The Power!

There’s no doubt that an intranet utilizing an embedded G Suite is a powerful combination. Not only do you have all the advantages that G Suite offers including ease of use, ready access and enhanced security, you’ll also have all the benefits of a company intranet not least of which is the capacity for unlimited users and data storage. In addition, you’ll be accessing the intranet’s other great features such as social functionality, news blogs and newsletters as well as quizzes and surveys. And so like many other businesses before you, your company too could be enjoying increased employee engagement, improved internal communications and enhanced opportunities for collaboration and joint working.

Contact the team at MyHub for more information or better still, unleash the power in your business with a free 14-day trial of MyHub’s Google intranet. Get in touch today or ask for a free demo.

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