Google Intranet: Unleash The Power Of Google In Your Intranet

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Google’s impact is now so far-reaching that it’s even got its own entry as a verb in the Oxford English Dictionary. When it comes to work or leisure, there’s nothing you can’t do without Google. And many businesses have found Google’s set of collaborative and cloud-based apps to be an indispensable workplace tool.

However, it’s also true that an intranet offers several unique business benefits. Among others, these include the following:

These business benefits mean that for many, the intranet is also an essential workplace tool.

Imagine then, if these two powerful tools were combined in one Google intranet platform? What a difference that would make to your organization, right?  Well, that’s exactly what’s on offer with MyHub’s intranet software, which allows you to incorporate Google apps directly into your intranet. Let’s find out more.

Evolution Of Google Workspace

Launched in October 2020, Google Workspace is the latest incarnation of Google’s cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration tools.

Since its first appearance as Google Apps and then G Suite, the cloud platform has evolved. Google Workspace is the latest and best version. It includes a range of apps designed to support the digital workplace, such as Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

The aim is to make workplace collaboration as seamless and efficient as possible.

And Google Workspace is certainly popular with users. It’s estimated there are 2 billion users of Google’s apps worldwide. And Google Workspace already has 6 million paid business users across the globe.

It’s also a flexible platform. There are different editions of Google Workspace available for businesses of all sizes, from large corporates to SMEs and startups.


Evolution Of The Intranet

Intranets first made an appearance back in the 1990s. And they have come a long way since those early days. Once seen as just document libraries, intranets have evolved to encompass a host of tools. Now a firm fixture of the digital workplace, popular features include the following plus a whole lot more:

  • Newsfeeds and blogs to support internal communications
  • Instant messaging and team chat to connect staff and speed up decision-making
  • Project workspaces to encourage collaboration and idea management
  • Automated workflows and approvals processes to streamline operations
  • Social intranet features to develop a corporate community and a sense of connection.

Furthermore, intranet design templates have revolutionized the deployment process. Once upon a time, it would have taken several months to get up and running. Nowadays, you can have a fully functioning intranet ready to go in just a few days. Simple and intuitive to use, intranet design templates make it easy. All you have to do is drag and drop content, images, and graphics for a customized solution.

And the good news is, there is no extensive piloting involved. Intranet design templates have already been extensively tested in the field. You can have absolute confidence in the software’s ability to get the job done.

Google Intranets: Complementary Technology

Google Workspace and the intranet both use cloud technology. Most organizations have migrated to the cloud for at least some business activities. There are undoubtedly many advantages, including the following:

  • Flexibility – anytime, anywhere access supports more flexible ways of working, including working from home
  • Scalability – your business can grow organically with unlimited data storage
  • Business continuity – data stored in the cloud is automatically backed up, protecting your organization against natural disasters and emergencies
  • Automatic updates – your cloud computing service provider is responsible for updating the technology, including software and servers
  • Reduced costs – most businesses report a decrease in IT expenditure with cloud migration because of reductions in management and maintenance costs.

Alongside the benefits of cloud technology, combining Google Workspace with your intranet means you get more out of both platforms.

Six Reasons To Deploy A Google Intranet

1. Maximize The Return On Investment

Leverage the investment you have already made. Selecting an intranet provider like MyHub that allows integration with Google Workspace means you will be maximizing your ROI.

An intranet enhances and multiplies the advantages of Google Workspace by bringing together the best of both worlds. Seamless integration means users can access all the enterprise tools they need from a single platform.

And the addition of forms, calendars, spreadsheets, and documents to your intranet pages means users can edit Google apps in real-time.

Maximize the ROI on both investments by integrating the platforms into a single, powerful Google intranet.

2. Provide Contextual Information With A Google Intranet

Embedding a Google Workspace app in your intranet gives you another huge advantage. It means you can provide essential background information to the user. Say, for example, you utilize Google Sheets to record monthly conversions and sales data. By embedding Google Sheets directly in the sales team’s intranet page, you can also supply explanatory notes on how to complete the spreadsheet. Plus, you can provide background information on the purpose and use of the collected data.

Increase productivity in your company by reducing time spent responding to queries and sourcing information. Instead, staff can resolve issues for themselves with the intranet becoming the go-to, single source of truth.

3. A Google Intranet Increases Productivity

Google Workspaces comes with the ability to edit and collaborate in real-time. Using Google Workspace in combination with the intranet means you no longer have to email a link or document to colleagues. Instead, all the user has to do is go directly to the intranet page and start working on the file. The intranet automatically updates the source file every time someone makes a change.

Working collaboratively on a new marketing strategy or updating the safety and health policy becomes a whole lot easier. You won’t have to send out revised versions every time an edit is made. And you won’t need to spend hours collating comments and revising the document.

Use the intranet’s management tools to assign site permissions allowing staff to read or edit the document as appropriate. Furthermore, everyone can be confident the intranet has the very latest version. This reduces the possibility of a colleague mistakenly using an outdated policy.

Furthermore, Google Workspace also functions offline. The changes you make are simply synced once there is an internet connection.

4. Facilitate Better Cloud Collaboration

We have already touched on this; however, Google Workspace and intranets working together create even more opportunities for collaboration. Because both platforms are cloud-based, employees can be simultaneously working on the same Google app.

This is a huge advantage for companies with non-office based staff. And it is more important than ever since the global shift towards remote working following Covid-19. However, it also means that freelancers, service technicians, and sales personnel have full access to enterprise apps, whatever their geographic location.

The 24/7 open-all-hours nature of the intranet ensures employees can access business tools and utilize Google Workspace regardless of time and location.

This is great news for the HR manager attending an overseas conference, or service technician visiting a customer upstate. With a Google intranet, these staff members can still collaborate with their colleagues.

5. Single Sign-On Synchronization In A Unified Platform

Most of us already have some form of Google account. It might be for Gmail, Google Analytics, Google Drive, or Google Ads. And so Google provides a familiar interface that employees will immediately feel comfortable with.

A Google intranet allows for single sign-on integration. Team members only need to sign into one platform rather than multiple ones. The same log-in credentials will get you into Google Workspace and the intranet. And Google Workspace then synchronizes across the whole Google offering, including YouTube. For example, Google Sheets will automatically synch with Gmail and all other apps. This feature saves time and makes it super convenient to use. Whether using a desktop or mobile, employees won’t be wasting time switching between different platforms.

6. Increase Your Data Storage Capacity To Allow For Growth

Not to be underestimated is the hugely increased data storage offered by a Google intranet. Most mail servers provide just 1GB of storage space for emails alone. The unlimited number of users and data storage on offer with a Google intranet has obvious benefits.

It also means there is plenty of capacity for your business to grow and develop with a combined Google intranet. Your business can easily scale up or down, depending on your requirements. You won’t need to purchase and install expensive upgrades and servers. The Google intranet and cloud technology take care of that all for you. Flexibility is what’s important in the digital workplace, and that is guaranteed with a Google intranet.

Google Sites: A Final Word

As you have been reading this post, you may well have thought to yourself, what about Google Sites? When it comes to developing a Google intranet, surely Sites is the way to go?

Well, before you make up your mind, consider this. Google Sites may not provide the extensive functionality you require. The truth is Google Sites has limited functionality. If you are after a simple set up that just displays your teams’ work and the latest news, then Google Sites will do the job. However, it is more of an entry-level option and offers a simple intranet interface. It will not deliver the comprehensive functionality and complete set of business tools that a dedicated intranet provides.

Google Intranet: Unleash The Power!

There’s no doubt that an intranet utilizing embedded Google Workspace apps is a powerful combination.

Remote working has taken center stage in the wake of the pandemic. It’s essential to have in place digital solutions that will meet the needs of the modern workforce.

A Google intranet will do just that and a whole lot more.

You will enjoy all the advantages that Google Workspace offers, including ease of use, ready access, unlimited data storage, and enhanced security.

However, you will also have access to all the benefits of a company intranet. From social enterprise features, quizzes and surveys, to newsfeeds, and project workspaces, the intranet also packs a punch.

Google Intranet: Main Advantages

To recap, here are the main benefits on offer with a Google intranet:

  • Ready access to workplace enterprise apps with single sign-on
  • Real-time editing and secure document storage with essential context
  • Collaboration made easy with dedicated project spaces combined with embedded Google apps
  • Anytime, anywhere access to a comprehensive set of workplace tools
  • Seamless integration across all features and modules for simple data sharing.

And so, like many other businesses before you, your organization could be enjoying the many rewards on offer:

  • Improved internal communication
  • Increased employee engagement
  • More connected staff
  • Faster decision-making
  • Improved internal communications
  • Enhanced opportunities for collaboration and joint working.

With so many great benefits on offer, what are you waiting for? Get started on your Google intranet today.

Contact the team at MyHub for more information or, better still, unleash the power in your business with a no-obligation 14-day trial or free demo of how to integrate Google Apps with your MyHub intranet.


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