Simple Intranet Deployment: Why It Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

If you’ve put deploying a company intranet in the too hard basket, then it’s time to think again! Although many businesses have realized that there are distinct advantages to be had with a company intranet, some haven’t been able to get over the mental hurdle that they are too difficult to implement. Well, in this post we will put paid to that myth! The truth is deploying a simple intranet can be an easy, low-stress and low-cost process. What’s more, the principle of simplicity is carried through to the ongoing management of your intranet. Whether it’s publishing pages, editing text or updating users, it’s an equally straightforward process. So, let’s find out exactly how simple your business intranet can be.

Utilize Pre-Built Modules

Cloud intranet solutions such as MyHub come with pre-built intranet page templates and a range of powerful business modules and tools, all out of the box. What this means for you is that there’s no complicated software to install and configure and no company server required to host the intranet.

simple intranet templatesAnd far from being a one-size-fits-all solution, your intranet template is capable of being fully customized. So whether it’s your company colors, logo and branding or customization in terms of the business modules you require, the end result will be a totally unique cloud intranet that is in keeping with your company image.

The basic design, sitemap and layout is all provided for you – all you need to do is put your own stamp on it. Why waste valuable time and energy on designing and organizing your company intranet when you don’t have to? With a drag and drop page builder, the intranet template option allows for a flexible layout and you can easily insert text, images, videos, iframes or widgets to really make it your own.

A cloud intranet comes with a powerful set of tools and modules already included. Take your pick from the following options:

  • News blogs and newsletters on a company-wide or team basis
  • Corporate calendars to highlight key company events, milestones and deadlines
  • Quizzes and surveys to canvas staff views and opinions
  • Company staff directories to connect employees
  • File and document storage making it easy to locate information and share files internally and externally
  • Online forms and workflow processes to streamline and automate operations
  • Team and project collaboration and project spaces to facilitate joint working
  • Social intranet features such as user profiles and activity walls to enhance communication.

What’s more, you don’t need any great technical know-how to deploy your cloud intranet. Indeed, your business intranet could be up and running in a just a matter of hours. The intuitive, five-step builder process means that no IT resources are needed – a complete technology novice such as Mary in Marketing or Guy in HR – can confidently go about building the intranet. And help is available in the shape of ongoing support from your cloud intranet provider who can hold your hand throughout each step of the process if needs be.

Eliminate The Need For Testing

intranet testingAnother factor that has influenced companies’ reticence to deploy an intranet solution is the time and hassle involved in piloting and testing the software. This is particularly the case for small to medium-sized enterprises that may lack a dedicated internal IT resource. It’s a difficult enough process building an intranet from scratch let alone the added complication of going through the necessary testing and piloting. For most companies, time is always in short supply and if you’re wanting to deploy an intranet in response to a particular issue or pain point, then time is probably a luxury you can’t afford.

With a cloud intranet, all the modules have undergone extensive testing already. In fact, they are being used on a daily basis by a number of companies just like yours. You can have absolute confidence, therefore, in your intranet’s functionality and ability to do the job.

Most cloud intranet providers will be happy to give you a free demonstration or shared screen tour of their software and you can even get your hands really dirty with a free trial. In that way, you can be certain the cloud intranet is a good match before you even sign up. Why bother re-inventing the wheel if you don’t have to? The pre-tested and quality assured nature of the cloud intranet provides peace of mind that you’re making the right investment for your business.

Greater Cost Certainty

cost certaintyOf course, you want to deploy an intranet at the most cost-effective price. You want value for money and want a good return on investment. Those things really go without saying, but the only way to guarantee them is by utilizing a cloud intranet. Try building your own intranet from scratch or downloading do-it-yourself software from the web and you may as well be signing a blank cheque. With those options, it’s very hard to maintain control of the costs which can quickly escalate as you discover you need this add-on or that plug-in to supplement the functionality that your business requires.

By comparison, cloud intranets provide greater cost certainty. Once you sign up with a provider, you’ll know exactly what it will cost and what you’re getting. Here at MyHub, for a fixed monthly fee, we offer unlimited data and unlimited numbers of users. There’s no to need to pay per user, all of our pricing plans include unlimited users, unlimited data storage and ongoing support. This makes a cloud company intranet a very affordable and cost-effective solution.

Security Assured

cloud intranet securityIf you don’t know your spyware from your malware and you thought phishing was something you did on a boat, then you probably need help when it comes to intranet security. There’s no doubt about it, intranet security is a complex and constantly changing subject. Keeping on top of the latest viruses and new ways to combat security threats is almost a full-time job in itself.

Do you want to have that responsibility in your company? It’s no wonder then that many businesses have been reluctant to implement a company intranet because of concerns around online security. Well, with a cloud intranet it’s the provider who retains responsibility for assuring the security and integrity of all the data and information on the intranet. Now, that’s one major migraine-sized headache taken care of for you!

Automatic Updates And Backups

Another great advantage of the cloud intranet is that you need never worry about backups and updates ever again! All your important company information and data is automatically backed up in the cloud so that if there was a natural disaster or a major power outage, you can be confident that everything you need is safe and secure in the cloud.

The cloud intranet provider will take care of all product updates too. These will happen automatically and without any interruption to your service. In fact, with high availability and uptime – typically 99.9 percent of the time – computers going down or technical difficulties will be a thing of the past.

Simple Intranet Management

simple intranet user management-The simple approach extends beyond deployment to also encompass ongoing management. After all, what use is an easily deployed business intranet if it is cumbersome and difficult to manage? And so the intuitive approach can be seen throughout the cloud intranet’s simple administration tools.

Managing users is easy with the intranet’s bulk user management tools so that you can quickly and easily add, enable, disable and delete users with just a few clicks of the mouse. It’s an equally intuitive process to assign administration rights to multiple users and you can also restrict user access to sensitive company information such as personnel records or financial details. Role-based access to the site, its pages and files ensures that staff members are only accessing the data that is relevant to their job.

A business intranet is only as good as its content. Outdated, redundant information and pages, broken links or data that are simply no longer relevant will see your intranet fail to engage with staff. Instead, you are likely to see users logging off and reverting back to the old ways of getting things done such as email and paper processes. Worse still, it could see employees seeking out their own solutions and downloading software directly from the internet without any central oversight. In fact, it’s such an important issue that MyHub has made it super easy to edit published pages whether it be text, images or video. In fact, you can add an unlimited number of pages and sub-pages to your site using the in-built drag and drop page builder with flexible design options. We recommend undertaking an audit of all intranet content at least once a year to ensure all information is current. And with the cloud intranet’s simple administration tools, this isn’t an onerous task.

Simple To Use Intranet

A simple intranet also needs to be easy to navigate and utilize for end users. No business wants to spend valuable dollars on an extensive program of staff training to ensure that employees know how to get the best out of the platform. With a familiar file explorer-type interface, your staff members will be able to hit the ground running. Often all that’s needed are some cost-effective webinars or how-to videos to set staff on the right track because the software itself is so intuitive to use. Straightforward site navigation is backed up by a logical menu of tools and resources together with an advanced search functionality so that employees can quickly and easily find the information they are after.

It’s also possible to embed G Suite or Office 365 directly into the pages of your intranet. As well as ensuring compatibility with your existing software investment, embedding these apps in the intranet means that you can also provide important contextual information alongside. The monthly sales Excel spreadsheet, for instance, embedded in the intranet page means that you can display the notes explaining how to complete it alongside the form. And it also means that multiple users can be working on the spreadsheet at the same time with the intranet automatically saving the latest version.

Simple To Access Intranet

remote workingThe days of being chained to a desk on a rigid 9 to 5 regime have now been consigned to history. Increasingly employees are demanding more opportunities to telecommute, work flexible hours or remotely. A cloud intranet means that you can satisfy this demand while still ensuring that the job gets done efficiently and effectively. Because your intranet is based in the cloud, staff will be able to log in, check out the latest company news and look up information as well as completing tasks and online workflow processes just as they would if they were physically in the office. All that’s required is internet access and a smartphone, laptop or tablet. As well as being a boon to overall productivity, the cloud intranet will also help employers to stay connected with and maintain oversight of staff members whatever their working arrangements.

And those staff members requiring remote access will find that the cloud intranet has been optimized for the smaller screens and touchscreen functionality of mobile devices. The design of the cloud intranet is mobile responsive and is optimized for smartphone and tablet use with an uncluttered overall look, minimalist menus and graphics buttons. Staff will still be able to quickly and easily navigate their way around the site and will be able to enjoy all the same functionality as head office based employees.

Design Services For Busy People

intranet design serviceAnd for those of you that have read this post but still feel as though you just haven’t got the time or internal resources needed to get started on deploying an intranet, then here at MyHub we offer a complete design service. We will set up for you a fully functioning, totally customized company intranet that meets your needs and requirements. From developing the scope of works and the intranet’s aims and objectives through to site design and launch, we will take care of the whole process for you. We’ll even assist with handover and staff training as well as post-launch support. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the benefits that a well-designed, effective cloud intranet will bring to your business.

And so introducing a company intranet really doesn’t have to be too hard. If you are looking for a low- stress, low-cost, simple intranet deployment, then contact us at MyHub. Better still sign up today for our free demo or 14-day no-obligation trial and discover for yourself just how easy it is to deploy a business intranet.

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