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We’re all about making life as easy as possible – after all, time and resources are always in short supply. And so the quick tips category has been developed with the time poor manager or business owner in mind. You know what you want to achieve, you just need a little help in getting there. That help and support is readily available in the quick tips section.

Use the intuitive site navigation or the advanced search functionality to locate what you are looking for, or simply browse the category for some fresh ideas and insights on intranets. This category is both a problem solver as well as being a source of food for thought.

Need to know how to embed a Facebook feed in your intranet? Or perhaps you want to know how to utilize the intranet’s forms builder to create an online approval process. Maybe you would like to learn about the advantages of embedding Office 365 or G Suite apps directly in your intranet’s pages? Whatever the case may be, this category provides useful advice and tips on how to get things done on your intranet. And it will also provide insights and ideas on a whole host of things that your intranet can do to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations in your business.

MyHub Tip: Unlocking Users

One of the most common support requests we get is how to unlock a user, this quick video will show you how to complete this simple task or you can click on the link below to view the full help video. Click here to view the help guide

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MyHub Tip: Using Icons & Images As Hyperlinks

Using images and icons as an alternative to simple link text is a great way to draw attention or highlight your links. In this video, we cover off how to set up hyperlinks to files, pages, websites and emails using icons and images.

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New Feature – Add White Background To Modules

If you've been adding images or background colors to rows on your pages you'll know that it's often difficult to see the content in the module, for example, it's hard to view light text on a light background. To help with this we've introduced a new style option to...

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MyHub Tip: Restoring Deleted Pages & Modules

Did you know that you can restore deleted pages and modules? If you delete a page or module from a row or a complete row with modules you can restore these back to the page. It's super quick and easy to do, you'll find a recycle bin area in both the add Pages and...

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Employee Suggestion Program: How To Find The Gold

Many great business innovations started life as a humble suggestion from an employee. It was a worker at Amazon who came up with the simple, but incredibly successful idea of offering customers free shipping. This innovation led to the creation of Amazon Prime. It was...

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Leadership Skills: 10 Great Tips To Keep Your Skills Sharp

Are great leaders born or made? It’s one of those perennial questions that has occupied the minds of many a great business thinker. And the consensus seems to be that it’s a bit of both. Many of the best leaders in whatever sphere of life you find them have innate...

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CEO Blogs: Tips On How To Communicate With Staff And Customers

Many companies are realizing the value of CEO blogs as an internal communications tool. You see, engaging and interesting content shared in a CEO blog ticks a number of boxes all at once: from increased employee engagement and improved internal communications, through...

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Warning Large Files Ruin The Intranet User Experience

Most intranet users will want to view your site using a range of different device types and networks. To provide the best possible intranet user experience, you will need to think about how long it will take for your files such as images, videos and documents to...

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Two Pitfalls to Avoid When Creating an Intranet

Creating an Intranet Whether you are creating an intranet or relaunching an old one, companies confront a lot of challenges. Time constraints, conflicting stakeholder opinions, limited budgets, varying skills among users and technology limitations are only a sampling....

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