Reduce Emails & Manual Processes By Adding Customizable Forms

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If you’re using manual Word or PDF forms you can create automated forms that users can complete within your MyHub site, once submitted you can set up actions and workflows that will alert people like managers or approvers based on what is selected within the form.


Here are some examples of popular forms….

  • Paid time off leave requests
  • Surveys, feedback, polls and questionnaires
  • HR forms including reviews and onboarding
  • Acknowledgment or acceptance of policy updates
  • Maintenance requests
  • Purchase order requests
  • Reporting and checklists

We’ve created template pages with popular forms already built so you can try them out and get up and running quickly, to add these visit the Pages > Add Pages & Templates area of your site.

We also have a helpful video to guide you through setting a form and the actions.

If you’d like some help setting up your first form or the workflow actions then please book a training call under the Help area of your site.

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