Building Success Together 

MyHub’s Customer Success Philosophy 

Customer Success MyHub
  • Your own designated Customer Success Manager, from pre-sale to post-launch 
  • Vast Knowledge Base with all-you-need help videos and ‘how-to’ guides 
  • FREE unlimited access to intranet experts 
  • Proven track-record with 5-star Customer Success rating 

Know-how. Can do. 

When you’re short-listing intranet providers, one of the most important comparisons to consider is customer service. 

The quality of after-sales customer support will be the single most important factor in defining your intranet’s success.

We believe we invest more time than any of our competitors in doing this right for you.


Typical Timeline: From Trial to Launch 

Step-by-step process designed to reach your goals

Week 1

Start 14-day free trial. Discovery call (recommended) 

Weeks 2 & 3

Product evaluation. Connect with intranet design expert (optional)

Week 3

Sign-up for service Onboarding begins 

Weeks 4 & 5

Build intranet site (either do-it-yourself, or request a MyHub designer)

Week 6

Test. Launch of live site (yay!) 

Week 7 and ongoing

Free, unlimited access to support; best practice tips, webinars; help library

Step 1: Free Trial and Product Demo 

First Impressions Count

You’ve come to our website, like what you see, and decide to start a free trial or request a demo. (note: you don’t have to have a personal demo, but we highly recommend it to get the best results).

Either way, one of our friendly intranet design experts will reach out and request a time to connect with you. 

This is not a sales call. This is a discovery call for both parties. Its aim is to define what you want to achieve, the key problems you need to solve, and to build a list of your core requirements.

During this screen-sharing session, we’ll walk you through how MyHub solves your specific problems, with examples. We’ll demonstrate the product in action.

You’ll immediately get a feel on the inner workings of our software, and how you can achieve the results you need. 

Importantly, if our software is not fit for purpose, we’ll tell it to you straight, saving everyone a lot of time. 

If you skip our free product demo call, you’ll go to Step 2.

Free Trial Starts

Step 2: Play and Evaluate 

Getting to know MyHub

Road test

Once you start your free trial, you have 14 days to experiment with the software. Simply log in and you’ll immediately enjoy unlimited access to all the features and modules. This includes instant messaging and newsfeed, document exchange, the blogging tool and more. You can invite colleagues to join the experience too. 

You’ll have 24/7 access to in-app help, including Knowledge Base articles and ‘How To’ video tutorials. Best practice tips will also be emailed to you along with suggested exercises.

Meanwhile, your designated customer success manager is on standby, eager to help you, offering tips and super-helpful deep-dive training sessions.

Step 3: Onboarding

Preparing For Launch 

Naturally, we think you’re going to love MyHub. So once you’ve signed up, our onboarding program begins. 

Refreshingly, there’s no ambiguous handover between a sales rep and account manager (unlike most other vendors). Instead, you’ll work with the same contact person you met right at the start (if you did a product demo call). This will be one of our highly-experienced intranet design and communications practitioner who’s built oodles of intranet sites.

They’ll run your onboarding session(s) based on your needs, and grow your confidence across all the tools. 

From ensuring the right modules are used to guiding you through best practices – including how to structure your site, tips for launch, and ongoing maintenance – your customer success manager will be on hand as you get ready to go live.


Step 4: Professional Design Service

Design Experts On Call

Professional design

Some of our customers simply don’t have the time or the desire to design and load their own intranet pages.

No problem. We solve this with our hugely popular professional design service

If you choose this service, we guarantee your site will be up and running five times faster than if you go it alone. 

We explain the engagement process, scope out the brief, and provide a quote based on the work involved (on average, this is approximately $2,500 USD per intranet site). 

From this brief, we’ll design a fully-functioning intranet in a matter of days, all set to launch on your say-so. 

It’s the easiest and quickest way to get a tip-top site. 

Alternatively, you may choose to build your site yourself. This is fine too, and a great way to learn the software in depth. 

Either way, we’re on hand to make sure your outcomes are met.

Step 5: Going Live … And Beyond

Site Launch

Once your site is live, we build on your success. 

New products and features will be shared with you. You’ll be invited to our Customer Webinars, and asked for your product feedback. We’ll share with you interesting case studies from other customers, and quick tips on making your intranet site terrific.

When you’re ready, we’ll do a free site audit. We’ll give you honest feedback during this review, along with suggestions for further success. 

And don’t forget, you can reach out to your customer success manager at any time. 

Ready to get started?


The MyHub Difference 

Intranet Superstars

We Love Intranets! 

We’ve got the best customer success people on the job to make sure you achieve the outcomes you’re looking for. It’s a win-win for everyone. 

You’ll benefit from having the same, friendly intranet design expert throughout, so you don’t waste time repeating yourself.

Talk to any of our customers and they’ll tell you about our exceptional training, onboarding and ongoing support. 

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“MyHub are absolute angels! They provided me with amazing support.”

Marin Fulton, Communications Manager, RE/MAX Realty Group

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