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We’re a leading cloud-based intranet software provider serving clients all over the world. Learn more about us.

The MyHub Intranet Story

MyHub is a leading cloud-based intranet software provider serving clients all over the world. Developed out of a need to allow clients to remotely access a document library, MyHub started life as Keep In Touch (KIT) in 2001. KIT quickly established a loyal client base and grew to serve as a hosted content management system.

Over the years clients’ needs changed, as did technology, this allowed KIT to evolve into a cloud-based intranet solution. In early 2014 KIT was acquired and rebranded MyHub.

In addition to the re-branding, the KIT solution was migrated to a new platform that has been developed to deliver a powerful set of modules and tools that make it easy for anyone to customize and manage their own intranet site.

We’re driven by the desire to be the best intranet provider in the world and are dedicated to providing market leading innovation, solutions and service. With a foundation in providing hosted intranet solutions dating back over a decade, we follow a guiding principle that every business needs to share and connect.

Core Values

MyHub Core Values

Our Core Values are the DNA of our business – they are the standards that guide our thinking, determine our behavior, and allow us to adapt to our clients’ needs.

  • Love what we do
  • Aim to delight
  • Be humble – be fully present
  • Authenticity – be yourself
  • Integrity and honesty – build trust

Our Locations

MyHub Office Locations

We’re a New Zealand headquartered business with teams based in Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific regions.

We believe in work-life balance so we operate a 100% remote working policy so that gives people the freedom to live, work and serve our clients from anywhere in the world.

What’s Next?

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