Intranet For Small Business 

Create A Better Workplace With MyHub’s Easy-to-use Intranet Software For Small Business

Small Business Intranet Software
  • An all-in-one central space for staff to find and share information
  • Easily communicate what’s going on so staff never miss a thing 
  • Streamline processes and automate tasks
  • Tighten up document management

Solving Big Problems For Small Business 

Say goodbye to everyday small business niggles with MyHub’s cloud-based intranet software:

  • Easy-to use pages
  • Instant messaging
  • Newsfeed, activity wall and blogs
  • Staff directory and calendar
  • File storage and file sharing
  • Social intranet features

Entry-level pricing. No IT skills required. Perfect for small business. 

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One Solution. Many Benefits 

Discover How MyHub’s Intranet Software Solves Today’s Small Business Needs

Work As A Team

Promote a true team spirit with tools that make communicating and sharing information easy 

Stop Email Chaos

Use smarter communication channels like instant messaging, forums, and blogs to cut down email overload

Track Progress 

Automate tasks and check status to get work done quicker, easier

Smooth Information Flow

Simplify the relay of important company information – guaranteed

Faster Decisions

Keep files organized and benefit from instant access to correct data for fast resolution

Promote Internal Processes

Ensure health and safety, compliance, HR and other important policies are easily available

Create Culture 

Build your internal brand with a fun intranet personality 

Support Remote Working 

Provide a simple and secure way for staff to work from home 

intranet for small business teams

Intranet For Small Business Features

All in one place. All for one small fixed fee. 


Keep small teams in the picture and on the same page 


Invite feedback and ideas from all corners of the business

Instant Messaging

Make communicating between each other more effective and much easier 

File Sharing

Secure, central space for document storage

Staff Directory

Contact details, bios, staff profile photos and more


Collaborate, problem-solve and exchange knowledge


Locate information fast using the advance search feature



For urgent news, important announcements and key tasks


Present your brand beautifully using colors, logos, and images

Policies + Procedures

Show the way on important internal processes to prevent errors 


Quiz + Survey

Assess knowledge, guide training, and have fun!


Auto Workflows

Eliminate tedious, time-consuming admin tasks and free up time


Activity Wall

Consolidate company news, latest updates, team announcements


For easy co-ordination of staff diaries and business planning


Template Library

Large range of pre-built templates for common tasks 

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Why Do Small Businesses Need An Intranet?

Transforming Small Businesses Into High Performing Mini Enterprises

The pace of life in a small business can be fast. Staff wear many hats and have competing priorities. And as a small business owner, it can be extra hard to find the time to share information in an efficient way.

Think of an employee intranet as the central hub for all the inner workings of your business. Starting with your intranet’s home page, here you can provide quick updates via the newsfeed module or the activity wall. From this page, staff can also view upcoming events in the company calendar, check contact details in the staff directory, and navigate to all the files, folders and workflows they need.

They’ll love the self-service style of MyHub, where they can opt in to receive relevant content via #channels. This reduces information overload, saving them time and hassle.

MyHub intranet offers a safe and secure environment where staff can collaborate, learn about company news and updates, access and store important documents, automate tasks and so much more.

Packed with multiple tools for the modern small business, no other technological solution offers such value in one platform. 

small team collaborating

Communicating Made Easy For Small Teams 

Employees in smaller companies are likely to sit across many projects, juggling tasks and priorities.

Good team communication and access to the right information is essential. This is where email – and its lengthy threads – have fallen out of favor.

In its place, instant messaging, #channels, and group chats are super effective ways to ensure every colleague is in the picture – on and off site. Use this new tool to resolve issues, post comments visible to all, and share information real-time to your co-workers.

Shared Digital Workplaces 

With remote working the new normal, shared digital workplaces have become a must-have. Project or workspaces is where information, data and insights can be shared with an invited group of employees. Here they can share ideas, create and engage in their own projects, and be sure to stay on the same track.

Different access rights can be set in line with team members’ tasks and roles. And because MyHub is cloud-based, staff can access content from their android, ios or any other device, regardless of their location.

Furthermore, embed Google Apps or MS Office 365 directly in the intranet and documents can also be worked on simultaneously in real-time.

Capture And Retain Knowledge 

Say goodbye to missing paperwork, lengthy emails, and lost messages. With MyHub’s document management and file sharing system, locating, accessing and updating important documents becomes super simple. Even online chat conversations are stored for referencing later on.

With all your intellectual property under one virtual roof, you’ll never worry again about important knowledge walking out the door when an employee resigns.

Secure File Storage

Every enterprise, large or small, has an ever-increasing volume of documents to care for. Having a central and secure cloud-based intranet with unlimited storage is music to the small business owner’s ears.

All documents can and records can be filed digitally – meaning no more overflowing filing cabinets or  disappearing information.

Automate Processes

Save time and boost efficiency with automated online forms. These are ideal for stationery supply orders, annual leave bookings, onboarding new employees, or any other repetitive process.

Be rid of paper-based or email-based systems for good – while reducing the risk of human error and duplication of effort

Social Intranet For Small Business

A social intranet introduces exciting ways for your staff to instantly communicate, exchange information and work together.

This new software breed now comprises consumer-grade social features. Your staff can easily search, post, update and comment on content.

They can create and share multi-formatted information, including imagery and video.

And participation on your company’s social intranet will feel like second nature, as many familiar features such as likes, comments, tagging and @mentions found on popular social media apps (such as Facebook and Twitter) also feature on MyHub.

Instant Messaging Example

DIY vs Ready-Made Intranet

Weigh up the pros and cons of creating your own intranet versus a ready-made option 

Do-It-Yourself Option

Not many small businesses have the capacity or the inclination, but it is possible to develop an intranet entirely from scratch; however, it requires a considerable amount of technical know-how and also means that the intranet would need to be hosted on a company server. This option, therefore, means lots of dollars along with a hefty investment of time and resources.

Alternatively, you can develop an intranet using easily downloadable software such as WordPress or SharePoint.

This approach still requires a certain amount of technical knowledge, however, as often the software has to be supplemented by add-ons and plugins to achieve all the functionality you require. With over 40,000 plugins available in WordPress alone, that’s quite a task to get on top of!

Consider also these types of software, although capable of delivering an intranet, were not designed for that specific purpose, which means that they are not necessarily the ideal choice.

Furthermore, the development, testing and piloting required means that these options are not the quick and easy solution that perhaps they might have appeared at first.

Cloud-hosted Intranet

A cloud-hosted intranet comes with pre-built tools and modules that have already been tried and tested.

There’s no need for extensive testing and piloting. All that’s required is for you to put your own personal stamp by way of colors, logos and branding. In addition, the cloud provider is there in the background and is happy to lend support or offer advice to help with the implementation whenever it’s needed.

What’s more, the intuitive setup means that you don’t have to be any great technical wizard; in fact, your intranet can be off the ground in just a matter of hours.

Ongoing management is just as simple with an easy to use set of administration tools. Updates are done automatically and security is taken care of by the intranet provider.

Cost certainty is always an issue and especially for small businesses where margins can be tight. And with a cloud intranet, all the costs are clear and transparent – no hidden extras or unexpected costs.

There’s also the added bonus that your cloud intranet is easily capable of growing alongside your business – it’s as flexible and adaptable as you need it to be.

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