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Top 8 Performance Review Tips For Employees

A performance review is your opportunity to get meaningful feedback on your performance at work. Rather than being an uncomfortable or negative process, performance reviews that are done well help you to grow in your job and progress in your career. So, what do you...

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HR’s Role In Employee Engagement: The Essential Guide!

Employee engagement adds value to any organization. It can make a difference to the individual employee as well as the business as a whole. Get it right and the rewards on offer are significant: increased productivity, improved customer service, reduced staff turnover...

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What Is Employee Engagement? The Ultimate Definition!

What does employee engagement mean to you? Is it just another fad? Maybe you think of it as a nice-to-have initiative if you have the time and resources? Or is employee engagement, as it should be, an integral part of your business operations, leadership and...

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Mindfulness In The Workplace: Practical Ways To Introduce It

It seems as though everyone is currently jumping on the mindfulness bandwagon: from Google through to Nike. But is it just another trendy fad or could there be something in it? If the notion of mindfulness conjures up an image of yoga mats, incense burning or mantra...

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100 Performance Example Phrases Continued

Finds it difficult to delegate to team members, preferring to maintain control. Needs to work on making team members feel comfortable in voicing concerns or bringing up issues. Does not encourage or reward the ideas and solutions offered by team members....

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100 Useful Performance Review Example Phrases

It’s performance review season and you’re feeling under pressure. You have several staff members reporting to you and what with all the other priorities you have, finding the time to prepare, let alone strike the right balance between positive and negative feedback,...

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