Internal Communications Made Easy 

Inform, Engage And Unite Your Staff With MyHub’s Easy-to-use Intranet 
Internal Communications Intranet Software
  • Easily share what’s going on so staff never miss a thing 
  • Ensure company policies and processes never slip through unnoticed
  • Encourage feedback and two-way communication
  • Create a central home for all documents

Build Great Relationships With Staff

MyHub’s cloud-based intranet software makes sure everyone at work is in the loop, no matter where they are.

  • Instant Messaging 
  • Forums, Newsfeed, Notifications
  • Calendars + Staff Directories
  • Document Storage + Sharing
  • Automated workflows 

No IT skills required. Entry-level pricing.


One Solution. Many Benefits

Discover How MyHub’s Intranet Software Solves Today’s Internal Communications Challenges

Cut Down Email Volume

Free up staff time using smarter  communication channels like instant messaging, forums, and blogs

Work As A Team

Capture, share and grow your company’s knowledge and uniqueness with searchable document exchange

Smooth Information Flow

Simplify the relay of important company information – guaranteed

Loop In Outsourced Partners

Collaborate and safely share documents with contractors and freelancers

Quicker Decisions

Keep files organized and benefit from instant access to correct data for fast resolution

Reinforce Internal Processes

Ensure health and safety, compliance, HR and other important policies are communicated

Enhance Employee’s Experience

Add life to your messages using fresh new formats and delivery techniques

Give Everyone A Voice

Make equality a reality with a social intranet for all staff to join the conversation

Internal Communications Manager

MyHub’s Internal Communications Software Features

All in one place. All for one fixed fee. 


Consolidate all your company news and delight readers


Invite feedback and ideas from all corners of the business

Instant Messaging

Group chat, private messages and direct messages

File Sharing

Secure space for document storage

Staff Directory

Contact details, bios, staff profile photos and more


Collaborate, problem-solve and exchange knowledge


Help Management build rapport and staff engagement


For urgent news, important announcements and key tasks


Present your brand beautifully using colors, logos, and images


Locate information fast using the advance search feature

Activity Walls

Share latest updates with a modern, social feel that staff can’t miss


Streamline repetitive processes and join every dot

Policies + Procedures

Cut confusion with dedicated spaces for specific topics

Quiz + Survey

Assess knowledge, guide training, build culture, and have fun!

Automated Forms

Move paper-based processes to digital, and save time

Activity Wall

Consolidate company news, latest updates, motivational tips


For easy co-ordination of staff diaries and business planning

Template Library

Large range of pre-built templates for common tasks

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