Intranet services that get the results you need, effortlessly

MyHub is easy to launch yourself but if don’t have the time or resources to deliver it, let the MyHub team do it for you. We’ll create your intranet and set it on the path to success!

Intranet Design Service

Make your intranet a trusted source of information

Successful intranets are ones your employees have confidence in. They know what they need and how to get it. Conversely, bad intranets are never finished and never trusted. So let us make your intranet a great one.

MyHub Intranet Design Services Speed


When you need an intranet, you needed it yesterday. And every day where you don’t realise the benefits you proposed is costly. That’s where we help. MyHub can deliver the outcomes you’re looking for in less than 40 days, guaranteed.



Engaging with one of our designers will remove all the complexity and risk. We have an experienced design team who can work with you to develop your requirements and will work tirelessly to deliver the intranet you need.

MyHub Intranet Design Services Success


You only get one chance to make a first impression, and we all know first impression count. Successful intranets deliver the results expected from day one. Let our designers put your intranet on the road to success.

Intranet design made easy for Idaho Lottery

With staff members spread all over the large state, communication was an issue for Idaho Lottery. Employees and sales reps often spend time out on the road and so the sharing of information securely was another concern. Keen to implement a technological solution that would address these concerns but lacking confidence, tech savviness, and time, Idaho Lottery utilized the MyHub design service.


Kick starting your intranet project’s success

We’ll lead the process with your team members and keep you updated on progress. In addition, we follow best practices to deliver an intranet your team will use.

MyHub Intranet Design Services

Scope & Commercials

  • Gathering requirements
  • Defining launch objectives and timelines
  • Developing a site plan including key pages, modules and content
  • Agreeing to the scope of works, pricing and terms.

Site Design

  • Creating company-specific page templates
  • Adding content to pages, including images, news articles, text, video and forms
  • Adding folders and files
  • Adding users to the site, setting up teams and permissions


  • Handover and training
  • Post-launch support
  • Free site audit at any time

Our guarantee to you

Let MyHub’s design team get your intranet project off to the best possible start. Work with one of our designers who will create a customized, fully-functioning intranet for your business, in 40 days or less, guaranteed!

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