Knowledge Management Solution

Unite your company with a beautifully-sleek, easy-to-use digital hub


Create a single, central go-to place that staff will love

  • Stop knowledge walking out the door when an employee leaves 
  • Capture ideas from all corners of the business 
  • Foster company-wide collaboration and team communications
  • Raise standards, improve processes 

Ensure Brilliant Work Is Never Lost 

MyHub’s cloud-based intranet software allows you to store, share and grow your company’s unique intelligence. 

  • Instant Messaging 
  • Forums, Newsfeed, Notifications
  • Calendars + Staff Directories
  • Document Storage + Sharing
  • Automated workflows 

No IT skills required. Entry-level pricing.


Answer Questions Quicker!

“My team no longer wastes time asking each other what’s the right way to do this process, or where’s that document filed. Everything is now organized and neatly placed in MyHub, so better efficiencies and less stressed staff!”
MyHub Customer

One Solution. Many Benefits 

Discover How MyHub’s Intranet Software Drives Innovation And Knowledge Transfer

Say Goodbye To Silos 

Unleash unified working and share knowledge throughout

External Parties 

Collaborate and safely share documents with outsourced partners 

Reduce Email Burden 

Communicate faster and better across forums, chat, channels and group messaging

Increase Agility 

Fast dissemenation of knowledge to expedite operations

Reinforce Processes 

Ensure compliance, HR and other important policies are communicated 

Engage Employees 

Share vision and purpose, supported with feel-good stories

Equal Voice

Make equality a reality with a social intranet for all staff to join the conversation

Unite Wisdom and Learning

Open up learning opportunities for all staff with MyHub’s highly-secure, multi-functional intranet platform.



MyHub’s Knowledge Management Intranet Software Features

All in one place. All for one fixed fee. 


Publish latest news and updates as they happen 


Share valuable feedback and insights

Instant Messaging

Private messages, direct messages or entire group 

File Sharing

Dedicated space for consolidation document storage

Staff Directory

Contact details, bios, profile pics and more


Collaborate, problem-solve and transfer knowledge


Quickly find information using the advance search feature



For breaking news, important updates and key tasks


Colors, logos, images: showcase how your brand should be presented

Policies + Procedures

Create dedicated space for specific topics


Quiz + Survey

Effective ways to assess knowledge, guide training


Automated Forms

Streamline processes, help staff capture data quickly


Activity Wall

Consolidate all your company news, live updates for staff


Facilitate smooth co-ordination of staff diaries, with RSVPs


Template Library

Extensive range of pre-built templates to boost efficiency

Top Rated in Customer Reviews

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