Team Collaboration Made Easy

Get Your People Working Better Together With MyHub’s Easy-to-use Intranet Software

Team Collaboration Intranet Software
  • An all-in-one central space for staff to find and share information
  • Improve decision-making and agility 
  • Unite and engage virtual teams 
  • Stop projects veering off course

Work Together

Win Together

Team Collaboration is made easy with MyHub’s intranet software

  • Real-time communication 
  • News, Updates, Blogs, Forums
  • Calendars
  • File-sharing
  • Automated workflows 

Discover how our all-in-one platform helps everyone do their job better so that projects move forward fast. 

No IT skills required. Entry-level pricing.


Less Blur. More Results

“We were forever going down rabbit-holes, getting side-tracked. Now we have a much better process using MyHub’s all-in-one intranet to help communicate, share and update each other. I wish we’d done this sooner.”
MyHub Customer

One Solution. Many Benefits 

Discover How MyHub’s Intranet Software Supports Team Collaboration

Unite Remote Teams 

Unleash unified working and share knowledge throughout via a single, central tool

Real-Time Collaboration 

Instant messaging, forums, and blogs to save time and reduce email noise

Improve Message Relevancy

Create custom groups to match projects and organizational structure

Increase Agility

Issue important updates quickly and simplify access to accurate data for agile decision-making

Track Progress 

Automate tasks and check status to get work done quicker, easier

Share Ideas Cross-Function

Create dedicated internal spaces for innovation, ideation and collaboration

Connect Colleagues

Build out a useful staff directory containing bios, contact details and more

team collaboration

MyHub’s Team Collaboration Intranet Features

All in one place. All for one small fixed fee. 

Instant Messaging

Group chat, private messages and direct messages


Create eye-catching updated for targeted or broader sharing


The ultimate space to ideate, problem-solve and share knowledge

Feedback & Comments

Invite and share valuable feedback and ideas

Staff Directory

Contact details, bios, staff profile photos and more


Humanize projects with personal blog updates


Automated Forms

Streamline HR, Operations, Sales processes

File Sharing

Unlimited, secure space for document storage



Inform teams about key tasks, deadlines, reminders or important announcements


Activity Wall

Share latest team updates with a modern, social feel


For easy co-ordination of staff diaries and business planning


Create mini brands for every collaboration project


Locate information fast using the advance search feature


Template Library

Large range of pre-built templates for common tasks 

Policies + Processes

Increase awareness and understanding, reduce risk

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