Knowledge Management

Leverage the collective wisdom of your staff with a knowledge management hub

Search. Share. Grow

Imagine creating a knowledge-rich environment where the best minds of the business share their wisdom; where critical business intelligence no longer hides in the dark, and brilliant work is never lost on a local drive?

With MyHub intranet software, create a single source of truth for all your organization’s intelligence. Bring together fundamental information – such as databases, company processes, manuals, presentations, guides, FAQs and more – into a beautifully-sleek, easy-to-navigate digital library. 

Let our technology unleash a smarter and super-efficient knowledge management system that your staff will love.

Build a knowledge-sharing culture where information flows freely throughout your organization with MyHub’s intranet solution.

What Is Knowledge Management?

Knowledge management is a way for employees to create, learn, share and leverage intelligence together for the benefit of the organization. In more sophisticated terms, Gartner Group’s definition is: 

“Knowledge management is a discipline that promotes an integrated approach to identifying, capturing, evaluating, retrieving, and sharing all of an enterprise’s information assets. These assets may include databases, documents, policies, procedures, and previously un-captured expertise and experience in individual workers.”

Organizations with effective knowledge management in place are typically better at making good decisions; achieving business goals; onboarding staff quicker; and innovating. 

Does your team lose valuable time locating the right version of a document? Do poorly-named files and folders cause internal frustration? Is expertise and experiences lying lost, unused and inaccessible? These are today’s increasing challenges as the digital revolution accelerates and the volume of information presented is non-stop.

Knowledge Types

Generally speaking, there are two types of knowledge: explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge. What does this mean in a business sense? 

  • Explicit knowledge is tangible. It can be captured and written down. Think of internal processes, customer insights, instruction manuals, training documents, best practice procedures, and research findings – these are all examples of explicit knowledge that is valuable intellectual property within an organization.

  • Tacit knowledge is much harder to capture as it typically comes from personal experience. Therefore it can be difficult to transfer from one person to another – for example, leadership skills or how to innovate. But tacit knowledge offers a competitive advantage because it’s almost impossible for a competitor to mimic. 

Most organizations today recognize both knowledge types are essential to hold on to, and that a knowledge management strategy – supported with the right technology – is needed to maintain core capabilities over time.  

Risks Of Poor Knowledge Management

A lack of planning for knowledge management can create a chaotic working environment. The risks include:

  • Valuable expertise and knowledge is lost when a good employee leaves
  • Correct and current processes are difficult to pinpoint, potentially compromising an organization
  • Ideas may not get captured or actioned, especially from those who are less likely to speak up
  • Timely information retrieval is a challenge; staff either give up or recreate their own 
  • Sensitive or confidential information falls into the wrong hands, putting the organization at risk  
  • Knowledge is trapped within siloes, reducing efficiency 
  • Knowledge transfer to outsourced parties is impeded
  • Organizational learning is limited, restricting employees’ personal development

Knowledge Management Indicators 

Smart-thinking, open-minded organizations that have embraced a better way to manage knowledge benefit from:

  • Efficient decision-making across all teams and all levels, with successful outcomes 
  • Idea-sharing and collaboration amongst staff occurs habitually
  • Improved organizational agility; knowing when to pivot or preserve
  • Generous sharing of specialist expertise takes place across all functions
  • Greater understanding – and therefore adoption – amongst staff of business processes 
  • Innovation and ideation encouraged across the entire business 
  • Prevalence for professional development and staff mentoring, as knowledge cascades throughout the company


More than a third of an employee’s day is spent looking for information


Knowledge Management Software

Fundamental to the successful implementation of a knowledge management strategy is having the right technology. This responsibility often sits within the HR, Operations or IT team, as they’re often the first to recognize the risks and benefits associated with Knowledge Management.

MyHub’s cloud-based intranet is designed specifically for medium-sized organizations looking for a Knowledge Management solution – at an affordable price.

It is fully scalable, designed to support your company’s growth. And fully customizable, to meet your exact needs.

It allows you to:

Knowledge Governance

Grow your knowledge library organically, in a structured and governed way

External Parties Collaboration

Safely share documents with outsourced partners 

Create Interest And Employee Engagement

Share feel-good stories and recognize top talent via news

Single Source Of Truth

Centralize and consolidate all knowledge-rich content 

Save Time With Search

Speed-up locating correct files with Search function 

Say Goodbye To Silos

Unleash unified working and share knowledge throughout.

Shortcut To Internal Intel

Locate skills and expertise through staff directories and employee profiles 

Capture Key Knowledge

Retain hard-to-capture tacit knowledge via chats and forums

Reinforce Key Processes

Ensure compliance, HR – and other business-critical policies – are communicated 

Encourage Knowledge-Sharing

Create dedicated spaces for innovation and knowledge transfer

Raise Standards

Escalate knowledge levels via newsletters, notifications, and forums 

Reduce Email Burden

Collaborate across forums, chat, and group messaging

Easy Access To Knowledge

Enjoy access to information regardless of location or device

Secure And Confidential File Storage

Securely store unlimited documents of all sizes and formats

Increase Agility

Fast dissemination of knowledge to expedite operations

Designed with the non-technical buyer in mind, MyHub requires no coding skills or IT experience. It is simple to set-up – and fun to use! 

By streamlining the path to the right content at the right time, your organization will benefit from better operational efficiencies coupled with a stronger knowledge-based culture.

Being cloud-hosted ensures you’re future-proofing your investment in a knowledge management solution from MyHub. You get to benefit from new product features and enhancements as soon as they’re released.

MyHub Knowledge Management Software Features


Publish latest news and updates as they happen

Policies And Procedures

Create dedicated spaces for specific topics


Showcase internally how your brand can be presented


Effective way to assess knowledge, ideal for training

Template Library

Extensive range of pre-built templates to boost efficiency

Feedback & Comments

Share valuable feedback and insights that won’t be missed

Live Discussions

No need for email with chat (instant messaging)

File Sharing

Share knowledge files and have a single source of truth


Collaborate, problem-solve and transfer knowledge 

Automated Forms

Help project teams capture data quickly and accurately 


For breaking news, important updates and key tasks


Draw out internal knowledge, insights and more

Staff Directory

Contact details, bios and more

Integrations And SSO

Single sign-on for GSuite, Office 365, Salesforce + more


Quickly find information using the advance search feature


Consolidate all your company news and engage readers


Facilitate smooth co-ordination of staff diaries, includes RSVPs

Activity Wall

Share latest updates with a modern, social feel

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