Keeping It In-house For Guthrie Bowron

Guthrie Bowron are New Zealand’s home decorating specialists. They offer Kiwis everything they need to refresh their homes, as well as advice from experts in every store. Their vision is to be New Zealand’s most inspiring home decorating destination, helping Kiwis turn their houses into homes.

All stores are 100% locally owned and operated, and they’re proud to have been a trusted New Zealand brand since 1896.

Emma Musson, Marketing and Brand Coordinator for Guthrie Bowron was looking for an intranet solution that she could manage in-house to help improve communication between the 40 stores nationwide. Key features needed to include a secure, central hub for sharing news and storing documents. “We also needed it to be easy to manage and very flexible as we knew our needs would change over time” says Emma.

guthrie bowron storefrontWhen there’s something particularly important for people to see, Emma says she uses MyHub’s creative tools to make it as engaging as possible with pictures, videos or hot buttons, to make sure people connect with what’s being communicated.

It’s quickly become their first port of call if there’s anything they’re looking for. “It’s where we keep the documents for them for anything from store to POS (point-of-sale) processes,” says Emma.

In addition to the document storage, calendar, and news blog the store staff also use the forum to connect with other stores to discuss everything from design ideas and trends to checking stock availability.

“MyHub is a great way to keep in touch with our franchisees, and it’s certainly reduced the number of requests we get for information as it’s now all on our MyHub site.”

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