Client Portal In Action For P4B Law Practice

P4B Law is a specialist employment law practice. Based in the UK, P4B provides services on all aspects of employment law to companies of varying sizes, from sole traders through to multi-nationals. In the constantly changing world of employment law, keeping clients informed of the very latest developments was the motivation behind the decision to implement the MyHub intranet. In fact, the model P4B has implemented is essentially an extranet or a client portal. An extranet is a private network that securely shares company information with selected third parties. In the case of P4B it is planned that up to 300 clients will be using their client portal.

The data on P4B’s extranet has been tailored to suit the needs of clients. P4B’s Roger Davies explains, ‘the information is essentially organized into three sections: pre-employment, during employment and finally termination. It’s a self-service approach with clients accessing the information they need. This gives great flexibility in tailoring a response that fits perfectly with the client’s requirements.’ What’s more as Roger points out, ‘it’s very user friendly with a great search function so information is really easy to find.’

The whole process of getting the extranet up and running was surprisingly straightforward. ‘You don’t need to be IT literate,’ says Roger. ‘At first we thought gosh this will be hard work, but the truth is it’s been really simple. It’s an intuitive system and the ongoing customer support from MyHub has been brilliant.’

Perhaps the most important benefit of the client portal though has been the ability to quickly and easily update information and change things around. For P4B having that flexibility and control is imperative so that their clients can be kept fully informed of current case law, judgments and important law changes.

The client portal at P4B has quickly become an integral part of the service offering to clients. ‘Our requirements were outside the standard intranet setup but with MyHub we’ve got the perfect solution,’ concluded Roger.

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