Internal Communications

Build an internal culture of engagement and keep everyone focused on what matters


Share. Engage. Align

Internal communications in the workplace has undergone enormous change. A revolution is underway as employers seek new ways to connect with staff. 

Excessive technology, overloaded email inboxes, distributed teams and an unrelenting pace of progress has created a chaotic setting for many workers. Important information gets lost amongst the noise. Staff feel bewildered, overwhelmed and out of the loop.

MyHub intranet software provides a welcoming home for staff to communicate, share and source company information. Think of it as a single access point for all your company’s inner workings.

From instant messaging to seamless integration of business applications, workflow automation to content libraries, MyHub brings together all this into a beautifully-sleek, easy-to-navigate digital workplace. All accessible with a single sign-on.

Let MyHub technology unleash a smarter and super-efficient internal communications solution that your staff will love.

What is Internal Communications?

Internal Communications is keeping employees informed and connected to your business. It’s about ensuring decisions, programs, policies, goals and company vision are shared with staff. It’s about giving staff a voice for their ideas and feedback. 

Internal communications flows in all directions – top-down; sideways; bottom-up – and in multiple forms. And while some companies will have unique communication requirements, many share almost identical communication tasks. These often include Human Resources updates, leadership news, operational communications and inter-team collaboration.

Done well, internal communications fosters employee loyalty, belonging, and a shared sense of purpose. Employees feel valued. They understand where they fit and how they can contribute. Staff retention improves, as does overall business performance.

Done poorly, staff feel disconnected, mistakes are made and projects failLack of direction increases risk and staff turnover.

The Changing Face of Internal Communications

Lessons have been learned: Internal communications is not the monthly “send to: all-staff email” from the CEO it once was. Emails fail to get through. Important announcements are missed, and staff become frustrated trying to locate correct files.  Today, the focus is on accessing the right information, at the right time, targeted to the right individual. 

There is growing appreciation and understanding that successful internal communications today is hard work. There’s no silver bullet. No set and forget. It’s an ongoing process that continuously needs effort, time and resources.

The Employee’s View

Most employees crave information about where they work – after all, it’s where they spend the majority of their time. 

They have a deep, personal interest in many of the decisions at stake, and value the opportunity to feedback, debate and discuss. 

They’re also charged with doing their job as efficiently and accurately as possible. Any tool or process that can streamline tasks will always be popular. 

Typically, the more open and communicative and organization is – particularly around sensitive topics or difficult news – the more united its workforce becomes.

Today’s Internal Communications Challenges 

  • The modern workplace can be a den of distraction. Staff encounter noisy, open-plan environments and are surrounded by devices constantly pinging for their attention
  • The lines are blurred between personal and professional content as employees typically use the same mobile device to access work and private content 24/7  
  • Distributed workforce – the gig economy has seen an increase in remote workers, which can lead to employees feeling isolated
  • Attention spans are rumored to be shrinking – from 12 seconds to 8 seconds in the past 20 years
  • Information overload is a real problem – the average knowledge worker is expected to process the equivalent of 174 newspapers each day!
  • Approximately 80% of the global work workforce is deskless (such as retail and manufacturing staff, nurses, drivers and emergency services) limiting the channels to reach staff
  • Employees have different communication styles and learning preferences – such as visual, auditory, reading/writing and kinesthetic – all of which need to be catered for

Raising Standards to Meet Staff Expectations 

Workplace technology has been consumerized as apps pervade every aspect of modern living. In other words, employees expect a similar, feature-rich, engaging digital experience in their professional lives, as they do in their private lives. Staff want:

  • Fast, easy access to accurate information in just a few clicks 
  • Visually-rich, interactive and easy-to-follow digital experiences
  • Instant messaging functionality with colleagues (emails are considered old-fashioned) 
  • Flat structures and therefore access to all staff – including the CEO (younger employees have grown up in a world where direct contact with the President of the U.S.A. is possible with a simple tweet!) 
  • Two-way communication – so that employees can listen and be heard
  • Gamification – such as quizzes and leaderboards, recognition, and rewards

With employee engagement at an all-time low – only 13% of employees are engaged – (source: Gallup – Worldwide Engagement Crisis), there’s never been more drive to solve the communication challenge. 

Seventy-four percent of staff feel they miss out on important company information

Internal Communications Software

Fundamental to the successful implementation of an internal communications strategy is having the right technology today – that can adapt and scale as your business grows tomorrow. 

MyHub’s cloud-based intranet is designed specifically for small-to-medium-sized organizations. It’s fully scalable, designed to support your company’s growth. And fully customizable, to honor your exact needs.

It allows you to:

Grow Your Company Culture

Create exciting ways to inform, update, and celebrate achievements

Capture Employee Feedback

Elicit staff opinions for continuous improvement 

Say Goodbye to Silos

Facilitate unified working and share knowledge throughout

Paperless Communications

Demonstrate environmental efforts with digital content 

Message Consistency

Centralize and consolidate all internal communications

Increase Employee Engagement

Share company-wide goals, feel-good stories, and customer successes

Reach Staff Everywhere

Communicate internal messages to anyone, anywhere, on any device 

Spotlight Policies and Processes

Highlight compliance, ethical behavior, HR and more

Promote Idea-Sharing

Create spaces for innovative thinking to flourish

Multi-format Content

Produce internal communications in formats staff love 

Fast Message Cascade

Update staff quickly with instant messaging, news feeds and notifications

Confidential File Storage

Secure and unlimited  storage for documents of all sizes

Improve Employee Experience

Give staff one easy-access, single-sign-on for everything

Connect Knowledge

Locate expertise through staff directories and skills profiles.

Reduce Email Volumes

Keep information in one central hub, with forums, messaging, documents and chat

Designed specifically for those focused on internal communications, MyHub requires no coding skills or IT experience. It is simple to set up and fun to use! 

Using simple drag-and-drop functionality, you can create a professional-looking internal communications content in minutes!

Being cloud-hosted also means you’re future-proofing your investment: you get to benefit from our latest new features and enhancements as soon as they’re released.

MyHub Internal Communications Software Features


Ensure staff are kept up-to-date, sent direct to device 


For collaboration, problem-solving and idea-sharing


Lift the internal brand with professional-looking content


For formal and fun quizzes: test learning, build culture

Template Library

Vast range of pre-built templates for immediate use


Salesforce, Google Suite, Office 365 and more

Feedback & Comments

Share valuable feedback and insights that won’t be missed

Instant Chat

Real-time communication using instant messaging


Create dedicated policy spaces, for easier learning

Automated Forms

Move paper-based processes to digital, and save time

File Sharing

One central source for easy, accurate file sharing


Send alerts for tasks, reminders or breaking news


Capture employees’ opinions, insights and more


Help management build rapport with staff 

Employee Directory

Employee profiles and contact details

Single Sign-On

For Office 365 and Google, making life easier for all


Quickly find information using the advanced search feature


Consolidate all your company news and delight readers


Obtain RSVPs, co-ordinate and share calendars

Auto Workflows

Streamlines processes with automated tasks

Activity Walls

Share latest updates with a modern, social feel

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