IT Intranet: How To Improve Service And Boost Your Profile

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IT departments are the powerhouse behind every successful business; but, their contribution is often underappreciated. Sometimes written off as being nerdy and uncool, IT departments fly under the radar until something goes wrong. However, the Covid pandemic has done much to raise the profile of IT services. It’s certainly been a crazy few months for CIOs and IT departments.

From facilitating remote working to ensuring business continuity, many IT professionals describe it as the biggest challenge of their careers. A recent survey by Cisco Systems confirmed the pivotal role of IT departments. The survey found 88% of participants believe their CIO role has expanded to have a greater impact across the business. But there’s also increased pressure on IT departments. The global recession has led to outsourcing, job losses, and a drive to reduce operational costs.

Now more than ever, IT needs to raise its internal profile and demonstrate ROI, and an IT intranet is the perfect vehicle for doing so.

Here we share ten ways an IT intranet can raise your internal profile and contribute to corporate goals.

1. Automated Support Helpdesk

Responding to software or hardware issues is a core function for IT. For many staff, the only interaction they have with IT is when there’s a problem. Therefore, providing a fast, responsive service is essential.

An IT intranet supports the helpdesk with automated workflows. Instead of a phone call or email, colleagues complete an online help request. The IT intranet then routes the form to the right staff member for action. Intranet-enabled automatic updates and notifications ensure the worker is kept informed on progress.

And an online system means that IT managers can keep track of response times, identify common issues, and resolve bottlenecks. A centralized, automated system is more efficient and every request is dealt with promptly.

And the good news is because less time is spent administering the helpdesk, there’s more time to deliver the service.

it support form example

2. Share Knowledge And Advice

Another primary function of IT is to provide technical advice and resolve queries. A knowledge hub on the IT intranet means you can share that knowledge using a self-service approach.

Whether it’s tips on software use, updates on virus threats, or FAQs, the knowledge hub has all the answers. Employees know where to go for help when faced with an IT emergency or a problem encountered out-of-hours.

video tutorialMany companies also use how-to and explainer videos in IT knowledge hubs. Employees can diagnose and troubleshoot their own problems. And video is also useful for training workers and onboarding new recruits.

Colleagues in other teams can directly access the information needed. This speeds up the overall IT effort and frees up your staff to get on with other vital tasks.

The knowledge hub also acts as a central resource for IT staff. Store your team’s important information in one space for any time, anywhere access. Whether it’s current project upgrades, purchasing guidelines, or the technology plan, IT staff know where to go for updates.

3. Get Critical Messages Out On Time

Need to notify the workforce of system availability? An IT intranet ensures time-critical announcements get out to the right people. Previously, these announcements were usually distributed via an all-staff email. But in the overflowing inboxes of employees, there’s no guarantee they get opened, let alone read.

It’s a different story with a notification on the IT intranet. You can use a variety of channels to ensure the message gets through. If all workers are affected, then highlight it with a hot news button on the intranet’s homepage.

And for a more targeted approach, send an instant message (IM) via the team chat to the relevant staff. Proven to be more engaging, IMs can be sent direct to desktops or mobile devices. You can even add attachments. Furthermore, conversations are stored on the IT intranet, making them trackable and searchable.

intranet chat example

4. Build Personal Relationships

IT professionals often remain out of sight, working behind the scenes. An IT intranet provides the opportunity to improve visibility and build personal relationships.

Many IT intranets use online staff directories with photos and short biographies, including interests outside work. Colleagues in other departments can put a face to the name and develop social connections with their IT counterparts.

Staff profiles are an excellent vehicle for highlighting that the IT department is about people and not just computers.

5. Showcase Achievements

Use the IT intranet to showcase your achievements and boost your profile internally.

staff appreciationHave you completed that successful rollout of new software? Make sure the rest of the organization gets to hear all about it on the IT intranet. A feature on the intranet’s news page or a vlog from the CIO ensures the IT corporate contribution is recognized. This organizational recognition is important on two levels.  The public acknowledgment of a job well done will be well-received by IT staff. And perhaps more importantly, senior executives will also be made aware of the IT contribution to corporate goals.

6. Improve Collaboration And Joint Working

Most corporate projects require the input of IT to achieve success. However, often IT is only involved at the eleventh hour when key decisions have already been made.

An IT intranet helps support joint working across the board. Alongside an enhanced internal profile, the IT intranet offers several collaboration tools, making it easier to work together. Online forums and project spaces connect staff even if they are located in different states or time zones. In today’s digital workplaces where more employees, including IT, work remotely, forums are an ideal solution.

Intranet-enabled project forums are online platforms for information sharing, brainstorming, and team collaboration. They make it easier for IT to be involved at an early stage. Dynamic, real-time discussions replace long project meetings. And IT staff can logon and contribute when it’s relevant and convenient.

The organization will benefit from the insights and contribution of IT. And it means the expertise and time of the IT professional are maximized.

7. Breakdown Silos

The improved collaboration that flows from the IT intranet will, in turn, lead to the breakdown of silos. Speedy resolution of IT issues, enhanced internal customer service alongside shared knowledge and experiences lead to better inter-team relationships.

IT will no longer be a faceless function that’s separate from the rest of the organization. The team will be fully integrated with all company departments and operations.


8. Improve Metrics

Demonstrating the value of IT to the organization can be tricky without data. An IT intranet allows you to collect a variety of metrics to justify your costs.

Automated helpdesk tickets provide a wealth of data, including demand, response times, and productivity savings. Make sure you ask for user feedback on the quality of service using slider scales for quick and easy analysis.

The popularity of IT intranet content is another critical metric. Views, comments, and most frequently used pages all provide valuable data on the importance of the IT contribution.

Surveys are also useful in this context. Undertake regular pulse surveys to ensure you are providing a responsive service. And canvass colleagues’ views on IT priorities and infrastructure improvements. Periodic surveys will help you achieve improved customer satisfaction and develop internal loyalty.

9. Enhance Communications

Whether it’s inter- or intra-team communications, the IT intranet ensures you have control over IT messaging. Proactive as well as reactive communications are easy with an IT intranet.

Alongside IMs, news feeds and knowledge hubs, the best IT intranets also include a blog. These are great platforms for developing two-way conversations with users. Share information, tips, and good practice, or invite feedback and comments. Getting up close with your customers improves your service and demonstrates ROI.

And it also makes for more efficient and effective working within the IT team. The IT intranet is available 24/7, supporting remote workers, those in off-site locations, or out-of-hours personnel. Regardless of the time of day or location, IT professionals can access all the tools and information they need.

10. Cost-Effective Solution

And the really good news is that the IT intranet is a cost-effective solution. Cloud-based, the IT intranet is available to unlimited users with unlimited data storage. And all for just a modest monthly fee. It’s a transparent cost structure, so there are no hidden extras.

IT Intranet: Key Messages

So, when it comes to the benefits on offer with an It intranet, here are the main takeaways:

  • it surveyMore efficient working: automated helpdesk tickets, streamlined processes, and improved cross-team communication contribute to more effective operations
  • Enhanced service: improve your service to users with surveys and ongoing dialog
  • Value-added internal communications: raise your profile and take control of IT messaging with enhanced communication
  • Better internal relationships: breakdown departmental silos and create more opportunities for IT to collaborate with colleagues
  • Enhanced knowledge sharing: provide users and the IT team with better access to information, tips, and guidance
  • Demonstrate your value: increased visibility and improved customer metrics allow you to demonstrate the ROI of the IT contribution more easily.

IT Intranet: Adding Value

It’s time IT professionals let the rest of the organization know the significant contribution they make. From increased revenue and reduced costs thru to higher customer satisfaction, IT plays a critical role. The IT intranet will improve communications and raise your profile across the business.

And all these great benefits also apply to your team’s internal workings. Streamlined processes, automated workflows, and improved knowledge sharing will have a positive impact on your costs. The IT department will be more productive, leading to increased revenue and a better bottom line.

When the pressure is on every department to demonstrate value to the organization, IT intranets could make all the difference.

To find out more, get in touch with the team at MyHub. Our easy-to-learn, fast-to-launch cloud intranets are used by IT departments in industries across the globe. Book a demo today or sign up for a 14-day free trial

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