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Team collaboration is a prominent trait among today’s winning organizations. Done right, collaboration aids better decision-making, innovative thinking and productivity. Staff are happier, performance is boosted, and there’s less risk of error. 

MyHub intranet software provides the ideal environment for staff to communicate, share ideas and collaborate. Our cloud-hosted solution offers a private and secure digital space for employees to brainstorm, share documents, create a library of relevant files and enjoy live chat. 

No longer will great ideas get overlooked, major projects veer off course, or work carried out in siloes. With MyHub, you can unleash a smarter and super-efficient team collaboration approach that your staff will love.

What Is Team Collaboration?

The definition of team collaboration is when two or more people work together to achieve a common goal. This is done through idea sharing, planning and executing in unison. In contrast to working on one’s own, team collaboration is regarded as a more productive way to get work done, and carries less risk.

Tackling a major project – such as a new product launch or the introduction of a new internal process – usually requires a teamwork approach. This entails bringing together a group of employees to allocate and complete tasks, within a set timeframe. 

These days, with technology overcoming geographical barriers, virtual teams are popular. Companies are now appointing the best people for a project – regardless of their work location – to form part of a team and collaborate. This development has created new opportunities for businesses to innovate – but is not without its challenges.


Why Is Team Collaboration Critical In The 21st Century?

Never before has the workplace been so diverse. For the first time in history, five generations are working side-by-side. Each employee has a unique perspective. Their opinions are formed by their own personal experiences. And they have different communication styles – some prefer face-to-face, others the written word. 

Such differences are a lot to manage, particularly when complex, project-based decisions must be made. 

How a team interacts with each other will influence the final outcome. Communication, knowledge transfer and equal respect for each team member are essential for a high-performing team.

Reasons For Poor Team Collaboration

An important tell-tale sign of inadequate collaboration is poor employee engagement. This can be caused by: 

  • Skepticism about the success of the project i.e.‘doomed to fail’ 
  • Uncertainty around who does what in the team, and where tasks and responsibilities sit
  • Misinterpretation or miscommunication: wrongly assuming all staff have the same understanding
  • Lack of direction, KPIs and milestones set out from the start
  • Conflicting priorities: failing to appreciate an employee’s current workload before adding more 
  • Forcing staff to communicate in ways that may be uncomfortable for them i.e. introverted employees making team presentations

How To Improve Team Collaboration

Successful team collaboration is hard work. It doesn’t happen by accident. Planning and implementing the appropriate collaboration tool requires forethought.

  • Define and repeatedly communicate the team’s goals
  • Promote open communication particularly when faced with a roadblock
  • Create structure within meetings and give staff time to prepare
  • Encourage creativity and free thinking: all ideas to be respected
  • Share experience, knowledge and resources – physically and virtually with file-sharing software
  • Invest in collaboration tools with chat and forum functionality
  • Create ways for less outspoken team members to contribute ideas 
  • Check for understanding by engaging in two-way communication
  • Acknowledge and celebrate team success; organize team-building events

Collaborative teams are 5 x higher performing as they feel motivated towards a common goal

Source: i4cp 

Team Collaboration Software

Creating a workplace using team collaboration software is a practical move that can really transform how you and your colleagues collaborate.

MyHub’s cloud-based intranet is designed specifically for organizations in search of an affordable and adaptable collaboration solution. It’s fully scalable, designed to support your company’s growth. And fully customizable, to meet your exact needs.

Combining a company internal newsfeed, instant messaging and secure cloud storage, MyHub is the perfect choice for your important projects-in-progress.

Simple to set-up, MyHub allows you to:

Unite Isolated Teams

Unleash unified working and share knowledge throughout via a single, central tool

3rd Party Collaboration

Securely share important documents with external parties

Drive Employee Engagement

Create a collaborative culture with forums, dedicated spaces, news and blogs

Message Consistency

Centralize and consolidate all communications to guarantee staff alignment

Connect People

Build out a useful staff directory containing bios, contact details and more  

Real-Time Collaboration

Use tools such as workstreams and automated processes for accuracy and efficiency gains 

Smooth Access To Apps

Improve access and use of GSuite, Office 365, Salesforce and more with single sign-on 

Share Ideas Cross-Function

Create dedicated internal spaces for innovation, ideation and collaboration

Refine Your Targeting

Manage who see’s what with security permissions – great for confidential collaborating

Reach Staff Everywhere

Access information remotely, desktop or mobile

Become More Agile

Issue important updates quickly for agile decision-making

Improve Message Relevancy

Create groups to match your organizational structure

Reduce Email Burden

Forget lengthy emails: collaborate across forums, chat, and group messaging

No Collaboration Limits

Unlimited storage for documents of all sizes and formats

Improve Employee Experience

One central source of data; and easy-access, single-sign-on for everything

Whether you’re an IT pro or completely non-technical, MyHub’s cloud-hosted solution offers all the features and functionality you’ll ever need. 

We’ve made it so that it’s super simple to set-up (no coding skills or IT experience required) – and is enjoyable to use! 

Using simple drag-and-drop functionality, you can create a professional space for your team to start collaborating in minutes! Being cloud-hosted also means you’re future-proofing your investment: you get to benefit from our latest new features and enhancements as soon as they’re released.

MyHub Team Collaboration Software Features


The ultimate space for effective collaboration

Auto Workflows

Streamline processes with automated tasks


Create mini brands for every collaboration project 


Test knowledge, introduce gamification, build culture

Template Library

Huge range of customizable, pre-built templates 


Salesforce, G Suite, Office 365 and more

Feedback & Comments

Share valuable feedback and insights that won’t be missed

Direct Messaging

Private chats or group channels messaging


Inform staff about tasks, reminders or news

Policies and Processes

Increase awareness and understanding 

Automated Forms

Simplify data collection and save time

File Sharing

Leverage the Document Exchange for easy file sharing


Invite staff to share their views, insights and more


Humanize projects with personal blog updates 

Staff Directory

Connect knowledge and people 

O365 / Google SSO

Single sign-on making digital life easier for staff


Information at your fingertips via advanced Search


Create beautiful updates for targeted or broad sharing


Co-ordinate and share calendars, with RSVP


Keep teams updated with direct feeds 

Activity Wall

Share latest updates with a modern, social feel

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