Company Intranet Articles

Use this category of posts to discover what a company intranet is and how it can benefit your business. With simple, easy to understand explanations, this category will help you to explore the features and tools a company intranet offers and how it can support operations in your organization. From improving internal communications and simplifying workflows, through to enhancing employee engagement, facilitating joint working and enabling the sharing of files and data, the company intranet has much to offer any business regardless of size.

The information within this category covers all the basics such as ways to measure the success of your company intranet, security matters and mobile optimization. It also provides plenty of real-life examples of company intranets in action across a variety of settings:

  • supporting business processes such as project management and knowledge management
  • team applications including HR and marketing
  • practical applications including car dealerships, fast food franchises and startups.

Use the wealth of information in this category to support the development, implementation and ongoing management of your company intranet so that it meets all your organizational needs today and into the future.

How Your HR Intranet Can Improve Employee Relations

The human resources (HR) department is at the heart of every organization. Traditionally, its primary focus has been people and relationships. In today’s digital world, those face-to-face relationships that have been so integral to HR are changing. The Covid pandemic...

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How To Develop The Perfect Company Vision

In the middle of a raging pandemic, developing a company vision statement is probably low down on the to-do list. As the global economic recession continues, there are undoubtedly lots of important tasks demanding your attention. However, a company vision statement...

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Intranet Management: Best Practices For Managing Your Intranet

So, your intranet is up and running, and you are delighted with the results. Internal communications have improved, team collaboration is on the up, and best of all, your employees love the platform. Congratulations! You can give yourself a pat on the back for a job...

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IT Intranet: How To Improve Service And Boost Your Profile

IT departments are the powerhouse behind every successful business; but, their contribution is often underappreciated. Sometimes written off as being nerdy and uncool, IT departments fly under the radar until something goes wrong. However, the Covid pandemic has done...

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Social Intranets: Are They Right for Every Organization?

Social Intranets In The Workplace Social intranets have taken the world of employee communication by storm. With flexible working arrangements, distributed workforces, and mobile computing the new norm, it's little wonder that a social intranet is the digital...

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Intranet Services: Do It Yourself Or Hire An Intranet Developer

When it comes to intranet services, what’s the best option? Should you do it yourself or hire an intranet developer? If you have been charged with delivering your organization’s intranet, then no doubt you have been grappling with this question. In this post, we will...

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Google Intranet: Unleash The Power Of Google In Your Intranet

Google's impact is now so far-reaching that it’s even got its own entry as a verb in the Oxford English Dictionary. When it comes to work or leisure, there’s nothing you can’t do without Google. And many businesses have found Google’s set of collaborative and...

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How To Create A Company Intranet Without Coding Skills

According to Inc Magazine, the future of software is no-code platforms. We have already seen the cloud technology revolution transform the way businesses work. And the next wave in this process is the growth of no-code software. The ability to use software without...

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WordPress Intranet: 7 Of The Biggest Challenges

Are you looking for an easy to set up and manage intranet solution? Well, a WordPress intranet could be a very appealing option, especially if your website is already powered by WordPress. In fact, as a free, open-source website creation tool WordPress is one of the...

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Easy Intranet: Successful Business Intranets Keep It Simple

All the most successful business intranets have one thing in common – simplicity. Despite what you might think, intranets can be easy to set up and manage even for non-technical staff. And employees find them just as easy to use, so the intranet quickly becomes an...

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Employee Suggestion Program: How To Find The Gold

Many great business innovations started life as a humble suggestion from an employee. It was a worker at Amazon who came up with the simple, but incredibly successful idea of offering customers free shipping. This innovation led to the creation of Amazon Prime. It was...

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Intranet Roadmap: How To Get Started On Your Intranet Project

Getting started on an intranet implementation may feel daunting. And perhaps even more so if you are not overly confident with technology. The same applies if you are reviewing an existing intranet. A must-have to ensure project success is an intranet roadmap. This...

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Personal Project Management Made Easy

Sticky notes. To-do lists. Checklists... Love 'em or hate 'em, there's no denying they help to pull off a project. But as anyone knows who's been involved in a major initiative, there's more required than this humble trio to get things done. Both in our work and in...

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B2E: 5 Ways To Enhance The Employee Experience

No doubt you are already familiar with B2C (business-to-consumer) as well as B2B (business-to-business) marketing. Well, there's a new kid on the block: B2E or business-to-employee (B2E) marketing. The focus within B2E is about attracting and retaining the best staff...

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Collaboration Skills: Does Your Team Have What It Takes 2020?

Joint working and collaboration are essential in any workplace. Whether the transition to more people working remotely (as a result of Covid-19) will either help or hinder collaboration remains yet to be seen. Either way, employee collaboration - where two or more...

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How to Use Your Intranet During A Crisis

Connecting and communicating with employees has never been more important than in the current Covid-19 crisis. And the same principle applies to other types of crises. It could be extreme weather events, natural disasters, or even terrorist situations impacting on...

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Approval Forms: Automate Your Forms With An Intranet

Are paper and email systems slowing down your business? Are they also costing your company valuable dollars? The truth is just because you’ve been doing it the same way for years, doesn’t mean it’s the most efficient and effective methodology. In fact, paper and email...

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Idea Sharing: How To Share Ideas In The Workplace

Everyone knows that two heads are better than one. Most businesses already encourage the sharing of ideas at work. It could be brainstorming sessions, team-building events, quiet rooms dedicated to interaction and collaboration. Or even strategically placed sofas...

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HR Technology: Increase Productivity With An Intranet

HR is at the heart of most organizations. Whether it’s recruitment, staff retention, performance appraisal, employee metrics or overseeing payroll, professional development and employee wellness programs, there’s certainly plenty going on in HR. That's why...

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